Beyond Juggling: Rebalancing Your Busy Life – About the Authors

About the authors of Beyond Juggling

Kurt Sandholtz is a consultant, speaker, writer, and youth soccer coach. With road-warrior work, deep commitments to family and church, and interests from skiing to Shakespeare, juggling has long been a way of life for Kurt. He’s too much of a tightwad to outsource much, so he’s learning to simplify and alternate.

Brooklyn Derr has been an unbalanced juggler and outsourcer. A business school professor in the U.S. and France, he is also a husband, father, grandfather, cowboy, gardener, snow shoer, community activist, and lover of French cuisine and culture. At 60, Brooke has less energy and has decided to get beyond juggling and embrace simplifying.

Kathy Buckner is a recovering juggler who has indulged her professional passion for the last 10 years by providing career-development consulting and training to some of the world’s largest organizations. Co-writing Beyond Juggling inspired Kathy to get a life. Now she alternates by catching up with family and friends and being outdoors in between her less-frequent trips. She’s also learning to bundle and outsource.

Dawn Carlson and her husband, John, teach at Baylor University, where Dawn has built a strong reputation for her research in work-family conflict. Her interest is much more than academic, however. With a toddler and one-year-old twins at home, she rarely finds time for her other interests—gardening, travel, skiing, and reading. When she’s not juggling, Dawn is an accomplished techflexer.

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