Benefits Of Conversation Intelligence Software For Sales Teams

Every sales manager and sales rep must have the ability to determine the outcome of their conversations with customers with precision. This helps them to be better prepared to offer relevant responses at any given time because customers come to you seeking a solution to a problem they want to solve. As such, having the right insights into your customers’ world is essential. This makes a good case for the need for conversation intelligence software that can react to conversations in real-time, record and transcribe calls, make a provision for playback, analysis and scoring.

Conversation intelligence ensures better efficiency for your teams by offering important information about deal progression through to customer retention. The inclusion of a coaching program makes this platform more valuable for sales teams because they can access unlimited coaching opportunities on demand. This translates to higher productivity and improved efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits of using conversation intelligence software:

  • Integration into your CRM

While your CRM is important in the assessment of your flow of customers and the productivity and efficiency of your sales team, it has its limitations even with the best of leadership. For instance, you can view available leads but it is difficult to analyse why the leads are turning cold or not converting. On the contrary, conversation intelligence gives you more as it boasts of additional features that go beyond identifying leads to determine whether a prospect is the most suitable contact in the first place. This software further gives a projection of your customers’ emotions in terms of their intentions and objections by analysing the words they use. Through conversation intelligence, your sales reps can communicate value to customers in a better way while guiding them through the next step of the customer journey.

  • Weaken the forgetting Curve

No matter how attentive they are, sales reps are bound to forget some important nuggets from conversations with customers over time. According to the forgetting Curve Theory, learners are likely to forget up to 79% of what they learn after 31 days. This may be the case when you talk about training and coaching your sales team, especially during onboarding. However, looking at the amount of money you are investing in training and coaching, you will be keen to provide conversation intelligence tools that will empower your sales reps to identify calls that require feedback, easily highlight, annotated and comment on calls, search and find important conversations using keywords and phrases, increase customer satisfaction and their quota attainment, and access a wide knowledge base of best practices.

  • Iterate winning habits

Conversation intelligence software makes it possible for sales managers to iterate winning practices of top-performing sales reps by less experienced and least performing reps. Observing behavioural patterns is a challenge, therefore using conversation intelligence to identify winning habits, analyse and compare what sets top sellers apart from the rest will help to rally the entire team towards achieving more while reducing the amount of time spent on coaching and training.

  • Hold better conversions and win more business

Having a good sales team alone is not enough if they cannot hold meaningful conversations with customers. Moreover, sales reps must possess the ability to convert those interactions into sales or a great service that will benefit the business. Conversation intelligence makes this possible by equipping sales reps with relevant analytics and insights on which they can base their conversations with customers.

  • Prevent Relapse of human behaviour

It takes time to undo human habits just as it takes time to form them. Transforming how the sales reps interact with vital information at their disposal is a process therefore, they can easily revert to their old way of doing things. However, conversation intelligence tools help to identify areas of positive change that require continuous reinforcement with regular repetition. This software comes with the ability to analyze your sales reps’ performance while making sales managers accountable when it comes to helping sales reps to adopt new business patterns.

Conversation intelligence software has made it possible for sales managers and sales reps to improve their performance through the way they interact with customers while growing their customer base and revenue. The software helps businesses to build trust and better relationships with their customers. Businesses that use conversation intelligence open themselves up to the greater potential for revenue growth. Knowing your target customers pain points also helps you to reposition your brand while being able to address the needs or your customers satisfactorily.

This article was written by Sasha Douglas.

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