FREE Business Name Generators by Industry

Entrepreneurs, looking for the best free business name generators? Here is a big list of business name idea generators with reviews of each plus helpful tips on how to use them for best results.

The list includes industry-specific (restaurant, store, farms, etc) free business name generators (including name types – domains, social channels, blog, and emails) to make brainstorming your new business name easy and fun! Let’s get right to naming your new company.

There are lots of name generators for every type of imaginable name including project names, work team names and funny name generators. I have gathered the best name generators and organized them by type of business; restaurant name generators, retail store names (online boutiques), business, services, and agriculture, to solve your problem of how to name your new company.

Plus I added social media name generators for Youtube channel names, Instagram name, and Facebook pages. Furthermore, I listed other online internet name generators such as website domain name generations, profile user names and blog names too!

>>Learn if naming your business after yourself is a pro or con here

Check out these expert tips on how to best use these tools to kick start the creative business naming process for your new startup. Follow along to your perfect company (small business) name – or click to go directly to the list of business name generators.

How to Use Business Name Generators Successfully

ALL business name generators are only as good as the keywords you input. Remember garbage in = garbage out!

To get the very best results using name generators, first, brainstorm a list of “seed” keywords. This is the secret for generating the most creative and unique names for your new business.

These “seeds” are words and phrases (2 or more words) that relate to your company’s service and products. They do not have to be necessarily the ones that will be contained in your final restaurant name – they can simply be related.

Here is an example of brainstorming for naming a barbecue restaurant:

1 – Your Brain – Think up a few obvious words related to your business that come to your mind easily such as;  joint, BBQ, spicy, ribs, pork, smoke, fire.

2- Google – Enter your restaurant (business) type (BBQ) plus “keywords” = “barbecue + keywords”. Scroll through the search results page and pick up related words. I found these additional keywords = grilling, summer, Pappa, American, heritage, meat.  Pages like this with keyword tag clouds can be helpful

 3- Glossaries – Find a glossary dedicated to your industry by searching = barbecue (your business type) + glossary. Here’s a barbeque glossary I found.  Added to my list are these words = chili, atomic, wings, coals, sauce, beer, cast iron.

4- Thesaurus – Use a thesaurus to find even more words such as cookout, picnic, clam bake, party. Click on each word to find even more; weiner roast, dining alfresco, fish fry.

Ultimate List of Business Name Generators 

Business Name Generators by Industry

General Business

Free Business Name Generator – Courtesy of Within The This tool is super friendly for beginners, easy to use and you can get a business name in just 3 seconds.  I tested it with restaurant names using the keyword “Burger”. Got 100+ name suggestions in seconds. My favorites are Flash Burgers. Burger Brothers, Rock Star Burgers, and Streetwise Burgers.

Oberlo – Standard generator tool in which you add the keywords (you can add multiple words) that want to include in your business name, click on the button and 100 business names containing your KW (keyword) are generated.  I tested it with the KW = salon and got a mixture of OK names (Salon Zap & Salon Mode) and bad names (Salon Discounts, Register Salon). Check out this ultimate list of salon name ideas

Namelix – This business name generator boasts its use of AI (artificial intelligence), offered by brand logo design agency. Their branding expertise is evident by the features such as name length and name style – plus the onscreen tips. I tested it with the KW = photography, choose medium names (6-12 letters) and name style (multiple words).

A seemingly endless list (more names keep coming as you scroll) of name, logo concepts and domain name suggestions are generated. Good ones were – Photovy, video&medium, and Camerasnap. Here’s a list of photography business name ideas

Many of the names are “premium” and the matching domain name often costs thousands, however, the other names have associated domain names that can be registered for $6.00 – $248. Be aware that each name shown has two options to purchase, the logo design and/or the domain name. You do not have to make these purchases to use any of the business names generated.

Business Name Generator – Easy to use name generator, just add your keywords and click. There is an option button for simultaneously checking domain availability via Godaddy. I tested it with the KW = bakery.  Name results display 100 per page with 300ish in total. I liked when it added industry-specific keywords automatically (in my test of bakery – it added dessert & food). Also, there are some helpful filters you can use character count, # of words, rhyming and insert keyword before. The stars next to each name allow you to save your favorites while you are applying the filters. Fun names generated that I liked included Bakery Crumb & Bakery Bee.

Anadea – A free and simple online business name generator. I tested it with the keyword – restaurant. Approximately 150 names were generated such as; PureWater Restaurant and OnPoint Restaurant. Anadea is a software and app development agency and offers web design services. Its simplicity can be helpful for brainstorming restaurant name ideas.

Nameboy – The company claims to be the oldest and most popular business name generator in the world. You can search for new company name ideas and get domain names instantly. I tested it with the keyword = consulting. Results were only OK. Names included youconsulting, and consultingcity. The formatted display and types of names are all focused on domain names, rather than brandable company names. Get powerful name ideas for consulting firms here

Name Mesh – This startup company name generator also quickly generates business names and checks domain availability. They claim to use 20+ generators and also check social profile availability. I tested it with the keyword = pizza. The first thing I noticed was the multiple annoying pop-ups to buy hosting from Blue Host.  Once I closed all those windows the names generated results were confusing and overly promotional selling domain names. Names included and  Here’s 325 creative pizzeria restaurant name ideas.

Agency Name Generators

  • Advertising, Consulting and SEO Agency Name Generator
  • Brand Name Generators
  • Product Name Generators
  • Funny Name Generators
  • Christian Business Name Generator

Food and Drink Business

>> How to Name Your Restaurant in 6 Easy Steps

Read the ultimate list of catchy bakery names

Social Media Name Generators

  • Youtube channel name generator 
  • Instagram Name Generator
  • Facebook Page Name Generators 

Online Internet Names

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