Business Opportunities – How To Start A Miniature Golf Business

This is a guide on starting a miniature golf business that covers all the important information that will help you decide whether it is a good business opportunity for you. You will also have an idea of the daily activities that go into running a miniature golf business, the growth potential of the business, the target market, startup costs, legal aspects, and more.

While the primary focus of the miniature golf business is the course itself, many of such business add other side attractions like food, arcade games, wall climbing, and other activities. This allows the business to sell itself as a family-friendly environment that is suitable for everyone, and also to be a year-round business.

Target market

In general, when starting a miniature golf business your focus should be families it doesn’t matter if it is in the UK or US. This comes with many benefits that will impact your business the right way. For instance, the parents will control the behavior of their kids (this will not be the case all the way), and the larger the family the more cash that you will make that target adults alone or smaller groups of customers. Focusing on families will also provide your business with lifelong business as children who have an exciting experience will want to come back as they get older, and will eventually bring their own kids.

How does a miniature golf course make money?

A miniature golf business makes money by charging customers a standard fee for the customers to be able to play the course. If your miniature business has other features like a bar, food stalls, and arcade, then you will make more money.

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Steps to start a miniature golf course

Once you have made the decision to start your own miniature golf course, follow these steps to ensure that you put all the right things in place to avoid losing or wasting your investment.

Make a business plan: This should be the first step to take before doing anything else. A business plan will help have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve with your business idea. A business plan will help you understand your target market, your expenses, and how long you will need to run the business before you break even.

Create a legal entity: Establishing your business as a legal entity will protect you from being personally liable if your mini golf business gets sued.

Tax Registration: before you open the doors of your miniature golf business, make sure that you register with the tax agencies at both state and federal level.

Set up a business bank account: You should never use your personal account as your business bank account. Create a dedicated chequing account for your mini golf business in order to keep your finances organized; it is actually the professional thing to do.

Keep your books: Record every expense and source of revenue in order to monitor your cash flow and have a clear understanding of mini golfs financial performance. This will also help you file your taxes easily.

Get all the necessary licenses and permits: You need to obtain licenses and permits before you launch your miniature golf business. Go to the agencies and bodies that are responsible for these to avoid fines and the risk of shutting down your business.

Insurance: Every business should get insurance.

Create a brand identity: Your brand is basically what your miniature golf business stands for, and how it is perceived by the public. Strong brand identity will help your business stand out from your competitors.

Create a strong web presence: Your mini golf business should have a fully functioning website. A website will give your customer access to information about your mini golf business and to learn about what your business offers. Having a fantastic web design will help you sell your business like a top mini golf business like Plonk Golf.

By: Ricky Damron

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