Content Promotion: 5 Ways That No One Will Tell You

Promoting your content online is one of the best ways for your brand to become more popular and to attract more followers your way. No matter your niche, there are many ways for you to promote your content effectively and without much effort.

Using the right tactics will help you increase your chances of achieving higher conversion rates and building stronger relationships with your audience. In order to help you achieve just that, here are some surefire ways to promote your content successfully online.

Work with guest writers

One of the best ways for you to promote your content without having to invest in any tools or new employees is through working with guest writers. Most of the time, these content creators will have their own social media pages and following online. This can benefit you greatly as you will be able to use their exposure on your website as a way of reaching their audience too.

All that needs to be done is for you to share their articles on your website and then ask them to share it with their followers. This will, first of all, help you gain many more visitors on your website who will also be more likely to enjoy your content and stick around. On top of that, you will also be able to attract more writers who would like to work with you and write for your website.

Use the right social media platforms

Each social media platform has its own perks when it comes to promoting certain types of content. This also means that through each platform, you will be able to attract a different demographic of followers. For example, Instagram is made to support audiovisual content and gives written content a smaller chance of getting noticed under a well-edited image or video.

On the other hand, Facebook is more versatile with the content that is promoted and allows its users to make posts using only written content. Depending on the type of content you wish to promote online you can choose a platform which will help you promote it to the right audience easily.

Another good thing about social media platforms is that they allow you to come in contact with your audience immediately after you make a new post. This can be easily achieved through the “stories” feature many platforms include. 

Not only can you use this feature to promote your content and create hype, but you can also use it in order to repost the stories of your followers when they share your content on their own social media pages.

Invest in email marketing

Email marketing can be a great way for you to promote your content among your already existing audience and build a stronger relationship with them. This will be easier to achieve through email personalization, as the emails will seem much more intimate if you address your subscribers by their first name and tailor the emails to their interests. 

Sending new content to your email subscribers will show them that they are a priority to you. It is a good idea to ask for feedback on the content they receive and make sure that the content you create is enjoyable by the people you have been following you for a while.

Always proofread your content

Another thing you need to take into consideration when it comes to promoting your content online is the way you present it to your current and target audience. Avoiding any grammar and spelling mistakes is a big part of making sure your content will become successful through the promotion process.

Proofreading and editing your written content is something you can do even if you’re on a low budget. There are plenty of online tools and services such as GrammarlyWowGrade and Hemingway Editor which you can use in order to make sure that your content is free of mistakes. For free you can use this grammar check online Australia tool here. 

Additionally, you can also use Evernote and SupremeDissertations in order to ensure that any written content you produce is polished and ready to meet the eyes of your followers.

Make your content easy to share

Last but not least, another thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to promoting your content online is to make it easily sharable on every platform. This means that you will first of all need to make sure that the content is possible to be read and viewed on all devices, whether that is on a laptop or a phone screen. This will make it easier for people to see it when it is shared on social media.

On top of that, you also need to make sure that your audience can easily share your content online. This is achievable by using the right buttons linked to your social media pages or various calls to action written in the content itself.

For example, if you are trying to promote a post through an email, you should include plenty of inbound links to your website along with a link for the piece of content itself. This will allow the users to have direct access to the right links needed in order to share your content with others.

Giving your content the recognition it deserves

Promoting your online content to the right audience might seem like a difficult thing but in reality, all it takes are a few tried and tested ways to make it easily marketable and sharable online. The steps mentioned in this article can help you change the way you set up your promotional strategies for any piece of content.

Depending on the type of content you are creating for your brand, you need to make sure that you are promoting it using the right social media platforms and targeting the right people. This will allow you to keep improving your content and adjusting your promotional strategy based on the likes and dislikes of your audience. 

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