5 Digital Sales Tools Every Salesperson Can Leverage

Knowing which digital sales tools can best assist you in leveraging your business can be difficult because there are so many different tools in the marketplace. Here are five of them that can help you do your job easier and better.

Notice how the title is not “Sell Smarter, not Harder,” – that is by design. Knowing which digital sales tools can best assist you in leveraging your business can be difficult because there are so many different tools in the marketplace. In fact, a simple Google search on “Digital Sales Tools” returns over 35 million different entries! To help get you started in the right direction, I thought I would share five sales tools that can be easily implemented as well as provide valuable information or increased efficiency.

1. PowerSell from ZoomInfo.com
Recently, I was introduced to PowerSell from ZoomInfo.com. PowerSell is a pay service similar to Hoovers and other information gathering resources (but less expensive overall). The difference is that information is gathered at the company level, as well as the person/contact level.

I asked the presenter to look up a prospect I am currently working on a proposal for, and the information that was displayed on this site showed me a great deal more about my prospect than what I already knew. I discovered my contact was very interested in nature and preservation and involved in their church. While it also discovered items I may have found by performing my own Google search, the service took things a step further by allowing me to see everything in one place. It was also accurate information that I was not able to see on Facebook or LinkedIn. This product will help you sell more and save you time.

2. IGo
The IGo system of power management is a great discovery for the salesperson who is always on the go with cars, hotels and airports. One plug allows you to charge two things simultaneously.This lightens the load of your briefcase by eliminating the need to bring additional power supplies for your laptop, PDA, iPod, GPS or anything else electronic that you may have. Some models of the IGo even come with Auto and Airplane adaptors so you can charge your laptop in the car or plane on those long trips.

3. Digital Voice Recorder
One item that I never leave for business trips without is my digital voice recorder. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to jot down information and continue to drive safely on the road. I use a small DVR, and when needed I press a single record button and lay the recorder down while I drive. Then I can simply play back my notes later when I am at a desk or settled situation and take the necessary action.
Another side benefit is being able to save those voice files onto your computer for long-term storage and later reference. Some cell phones and PDA phones are now equipped with this type of DVR feature as well.

4. LinkedIn
If you are a professional in any industry in today’s marketplace, you should be actively using LinkedIn. It is an online professional networking site where you can host your business information and connect with other professionals. You are able to join discussion groups, share leads and network with people across the globe. I have discovered that it is a wonderful way of generating interest in blogs and events you may be engaged in. It is also an excellent platform for staying connected with old coworkers, past clients and business partners.

5. You
Lastly, the most important thing to remember when beginning to leverage new technology is not to let it leverage you! While there are hundreds of thousands of different digital tools you can take part in or purchase, the bottom line is that you must always remain true to yourself and use only those tools which make your job easier – not more complicated!

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