Dropshipping Marketing: 5 Proven Strategies To Make Your Business Stand Out

Did you know that Amazon, an eCommerce powerhouse, has been making millions off of the dropshipping business model since 2011? On top of that, more than one-third of the products on Amazon are drop-shipped products.

In dropshipping, a retailer sells products to the customer without actually storing them. That is why this model has become so popular recently.

And if Amazon can do it, there is a chance that other online stores can do the same. Of course, not in the same manner and not with the same effects, but there is a good share of the market waiting for those whose dropshipping websites can stand out.

Without further ado, take a look at some proven dropshipping marketing strategies that will help you gain an edge over the rivals and dominate the game.

Revamp your website

Even though it may not seem like a marketing tip or strategy, taking a good look at your website can help you stand out. Visitors need a reason to stay on your website once they are there, as that is the only chance a business gets to convert a prospect into a sale.

Ensure that your website highlights your brand and differentiates you from other stores. For instance, your website could greet people with a clear message that defines the products you offer and why they should purchase.

Keep in mind that the more specialized your offer is, the easier it is to spread the word from person to person. So, choose specific products to sell at first. These should be the ones that are complementary to each other and can increase the average order value. Stick to one specific niche instead of trying to be too broad and general.

Additionally, all serious businesses should look into professional product photography. Although the cost, at first, might seem steep, good photos can sell tons of products. Moreover, having professional photos and visuals on the website is one sure way to stand out among rivals.

Most stores out there still have low-quality images featured on their websites, and customers don’t like that.

Therefore, consider the visuals in general, figure out how good your photos are, and check the whole layout if needed. Making a few significant changes to your design could lead to better conversion rates.

Utilize the power of social videos

Social videos are on the rise and they will become even more important, as online videos are predicted to make up more than 80% of all consumer web traffic.

This prediction should be enough to convince wise marketers that videos are certainly becoming one of the most popular forms of marketing out there. So, it is time to shift your marketing focus to video content and promote your products through videos.

Also, keep in mind that short-form videos resonate well with younger audiences. It would be wise to see which social media networks gather these individuals and what platforms specialize in video content.

For instance, if you offer beauty products, share sneak peeks and how-to videos on your business’s social media pages. Redirect the audience to visit the website and watch full tutorial videos.

Even though small-scale dropshipping businesses may find it troubling to create and post social videos, it is fair to say that the benefits outweigh the troubles.

Pro tip: If handling social videos is a task too difficult for your marketers or you, you can always turn to social media management software. The software of this kind allows users to schedule posts, automate various dull tasks, and so on. In turn, a user has more time to focus on more important tasks that directly impact the bottom line.

Build trust through genuine reviews, ratings, and testimonials

It is fair to say that shoppers have become very careful about who they trust these days. Gone are the days when good ads could do all the job and help a business boost sales figures.

An average online shopper today checks for reviews, consults friends, and even reads testimonials before making a purchasing decision. People, nowadays, would trust other people rather than big billboards and expensive ads.

This is where reviews, ratings, and testimonials come in handy. As a business owner, it would be smart to think about adding reviews, ratings, and testimonials to your online store.

These are great when it comes to boosting your visitors’ trust. For instance, product reviews will help new visitors to see what the previous buyers experienced about a product. By doing so, it can motivate a potential buyer to finalize a purchase.

A good example of this would be AliExpress’s testimonial method. AliExpress takes a snapshot of a customer’s feedback from the supplier’s store and then posts it to their website. This should be enough to make you think in the right direction when it comes to reviews, ratings, and other social proof.

Email marketing still matters

When a business works hard to entice people to come to the website, it is not in the business’s interest to lose touch with the visitors as soon as they leave. Instead, it would be best to have them leave contact info so that they can be approached as leads in the future.

That’s where a newsletter can help. A good newsletter is a great way for eCommerce stores to onboard visitors to their purchasing funnel.

A business can offer a discount for the first order, for instance, and include copy with some suggested products there too. Eventually, this practice will convert more customers, and the business will also have a way of contacting them again.

For example, if a business segments their email based on the categories of items the customers purchased, it can email a person who bought newborn clothes with promotions for 6-month-old clothes.

If someone purchased women’s swimsuits, a great idea is to email them with promotions on amazing winter dresses in the fall. And if a customer has a history of purchasing sports clothing garments, think about emailing them a discount on the new collection of undershirts or compression socks.

Whatever your niche is, email marketing can be a very powerful marketing tool when done right.

Join the community

Have you ever thought about joining your niche’s groups online?

If not, you should definitely consider it. But to make it happen, you need to identify where the niche hangs around online and then try to join the group.

Take advantage of this by identifying where your niche gets together, such as Facebook groups or blog communities. Then join these groups so you can see what your target customers are discussing.

For example, as a business, you can become an ambassador that subtly promotes its own dropshipping business or introduces the product offerings. One trick that is frowned upon but can be used is to act like a real user as well as an expert in the given niche to make a bigger impact on the community.

Final thoughts

Marketing is indispensable for any business that wants success and there is no reason why a dropshipping business should be an exception.

Bear that in mind once you start creating your next marketing strategy. Also, go through this article again and see which of these tips can be incorporated into the winning marketing strategy you are about to create.

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