Essential On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques

Being good in optimizing for on-page and off-page SEO as well as technical SEO is crucial to succeeding in organic search today. Over the years, the emphasis has been more on various off-page techniques of optimization like link building and some other technical elements.

But the SEO experts at have a piece of advice – one must realize the interdependence between on-line and off-page SEO which must work in tandem for SEO success. The message is simple because you must care as much for the fundamentals of on-page SEO to taste success with your off-page SEO efforts. On-page optimization must be a priority always, and it requires staying tuned with the best practices that keep evolving very fast.

To know what is on-page SEO and why it is so vital to keep reading this article that will introduce you to some of the most important aspects to consider for on-page optimization.

What is on-page SEO?

Optimization for SEO happens at two levels – on the website and off the site. The technique of web page optimization is what we call on-page SEO which helps to drive organic traffic to websites and earn search ranking. While many people consider publishing high-quality content as the ultimate task of on-page SEO, there are many more things to it like headlines optimization, optimizing the HTML tags which includes title, header and meta tags, and images. On-page optimization leads to establishing expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT) of websites. It goes a long way in improving ranking.

On-page optimization considers various aspects of the webpage that collectively work to enhance the visibility of websites in search results.

Importance of on-page SEO

Without on-page SEO, it would be impossible for search engines to gauge the website and its content. On-page optimization imparts search engine friendliness to websites and helps search engines to understand its relevance with respect to the searcher’s query. Search engines have become more sophisticated, and its increased reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) has turned the focus on semantics and relevance much more on the search results pages.

Google use new types of tools and resources to understand the intent behind searches to serve searchers with the most relevant answer that meets the intent, whether it is informational or shopping or navigational.

To adapt to the development, you must ensure the optimization of the website elements according to the best practices. Thus searchers can see the elements that are relevant to them like the text, videos, images, audios etc. and search engines can see the elements like HTML, structured data, tags etc.

For doing good on-page optimization, you must pay attention to the following areas.

Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness

EAT is the yardstick used by Google for assessing web pages, content creators and the entire website. Content is king and Google has always put a premium on high-quality content as an encouragement to sites that it rewards for publishing high-quality content. On analyzing the search results, it will become clear that there is a relation between high-quality content and what appears in the SERP. EAT plays a vital role in organic search results which is why EAT must be on the top of the list of your SEO strategy.


Compelling headlines can push you ahead in the race for better rank in search results. Headlines can make or break content because it is the headline that can attract people and make the difference between a click and impression. Headlines must be so much attractive that it can arouse the interest of viewers and compel them to have a close look at the content or blog post, which is why you must create them strategically. When headlines have the spark, it can make the content stand out from the crowd in the SERP and encourage readers to consume the content.

Title tag

The HTML tag or title tag is a common sight in the head section of all web pages and bears enough hint about what the content or topic or the page is all about. Viewers can make out from it what to expect from the content. It appears as a prominent link on the browser window as well as on the search result page as a clickable link. Although title tags might not impact ranking positively, poorly drafted title tags can harm the SEO prospects, and you must take care of its proper optimization.

Meta description

Meta descriptions or meta tags describe the web page so that on seeing it, people would know what the page contains, and it has been an important element of optimization from the beginning of SEO. Most importantly, meta descriptions often appear under the title of the page in the search result. Although there is no direct impact of meta descriptions on rankings, there is numerous practical evidence that descriptions have some indirect effect on ranking. Those who have paid attention to it have experienced improved CTR, improved quality of search results and improvement in how people perceive the website.

Header tags

Header tags are HTML elements that help to identify heading and subheadings by distinguishing it from other text in the content. Although there is no impact of header tags on rankings any more like it used to be, it influences ranking indirectly. Those who read the content find it easier and more enjoyable to read, and it provides a context for search engines about the content with the help of keywords inserted in the header tags.

Write for SEO and search engines

A solid content creation strategy is based upon creating content for users as well as search engines. Remember that you must create content first by keeping in mind what they would like and once they derive some value from it. Their fondness for the content will draw the attention of search engines that would also appreciate the quality and reward it with better ranking. Never make the mistake of undermining the audience during content creation.

These are only some of the basic on-page optimization that you must do, and also, you must optimize images to increase the website speed, which is a factor considered by Google during ranking.

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