Everything You Need To Know About The ITIL Certification

The ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) provides the best practices to deliver IT services through systematic approaches to ITSM (IT service management). ITIL certification is one of the most coveted IT certifications, and there are good reasons for that.

Being an IT management framework, ITIL helps businesses handle risk, build up customer relations, set affordable practices, and ensure a stable environment that leaves space for change, scale, and growth. Here are a few other facts to know about the ITIL certification.

Going from ITIL 3 to ITIL 4: The changes

Axelos updated ITIL 4 in 2019 to ensure a greater emphasis on ensuring flexibility, agility, and innovation in the ITSM, while offering adequate support to legacy systems and networks. ITIL 4 is completely operational from this year, and Axelos plans to discontinue the previous version by next year.

The ones who have the Expert Level ITIL 3 certificate can opt for the transition mode and exam that’ll get their knowledge updated and then certified in the latest version. The credits will be transferred to ITIL 4 from ITIL 3 for the ones without the Expert Level certification.

The certification paths for ITIL 4

The scheme for ITIL certification 4 is the same as ITIL 3, though the former has been streamlined to include two chief designations and seven modules in between the certifications. You will go from the Foundation scale to either the Strategic Leader or Managing Professional path. There is an option to stop along both these paths, or you can complete both and opt for the Master designation.

ITIL Foundation

Regardless of the certification path you choose to embark on, the first thing you will need to do is pass the foundation module. The introductory module includes the core principles and concepts of ITIL 4. Being the entry-level certification, it is made to teach the basic ideas of ITIL 4 to the newcomers. It also certifies that even the experienced professionals have earned the basic knowledge to get to the advanced modules.

ITIL Managing Professional

ITIL Managing Professional is the certification for the practitioners working with tech and digital teams in an organization. It involves the insights required for running the IT workflows, teams, and projects through technical and practical know-how. Here are the exam modules you need to pass to gain this certification:

  • Specialist Create Deliver and Support
  • Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value
  • Specialist High Velocity IT
  • Strategist Direct Plan and Improve

ITIL Strategic Leader

An ITIL course online for this certification is meant for every digital service in an organization – not only the IT operations. It focuses on the varied ways in which IT reforms and influences business strategy. You need to pass the following exam modules to earn this certification:

  • Strategist Direct Plan and Improve
  • Leader Digital and IT Strategy

ITIL Master

If you cover the modules necessary for both Managing Professional and Strategic Leader certification, you can opt for the Master designation. So, you will require at least five years’ experience in working in IT service management in at least a management or leadership role.

Compatibility of ITIL 4 with ITIL 3

ITIL 4 has backwards compatibility with ITIL 3. It means the courses that come under the ITIL 3 scheme have a credit value depending on the level of its ITIL content. Thus, the ITIL 3 certification still holds value to ITIL education.

The ones with seventeen credits or more or the ones who have the Expert level certification under ITIL 3 are eligible to take the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition exam. Taking this test will help the candidates to get quickly updated with the latest changes and set them on the path to getting the new Managing Professional designation.

The resources available for ITIL certification

You can check out MyITIL, the online resource that helps candidates get access to templates, insights, tools, and publications from industry experts. You will get the yearly subscription for this resource with your foundation exam. Here you will get the following resources:

  • White papers
  • Templates and publications
  • Development planning through CPD tools
  • Digital badges

Getting trained for ITIL certifications

It helps to prepare for the certification for a few months based on how familiar you are with the study material. If you have a good idea about the exam and feel you can self-study for the exam, take the practice exams and study materials from the official site of Axelos. Many companies bring in ITIL trainers to train employees at the organization and have them certified.

However, if you are new to this or are looking for a refresher course before taking the exam, it helps to reach out to a certified training provider. You will find a list of such training providers at the official site of Axelos. Many companies provide both in-person and online training.

This article was written by Stan Roach.

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