How to stand out at the exhibition with branded products?

A Business show is another type of advertising. “But, why?” – you ask. Isn’t it enough, that television, radio, YouTube, social networks, applications and even online Bible are being embraced by advertising? Advertising is becoming more intrusive and it is more difficult to surprise customers.

So what’s the point of an exhibition then?

To touch, gentlemen, a potential client is able to touch, smell and try. In a word, to use any of his senses to perceive a quality of offered product as well to receive necessary information from first-hand. Exhibitions bridge any barrier between a company and its target audience. They are bringing them closer, inspiring confidence and leading to sales.


  1. Brand importance at the exhibition
  2. Stand at the exhibition as a demonstration of success
  3. Scheme of actions at the exhibition
  4. How to create a logo and business card in a graphic editor on your own
  5. Where it is more convenient to print products – the pros and cons of each option
  6. Conclusions

Brand importance at the exhibition

Most often, companies take part in exhibitions to seek new partners and customers, as well as for market research.

But in case of narrow-specific exhibitions, only a limited number of the same companies come there each year. Thus, it is not an option to expect a significant expansion of the client base using such exhibitions.

An exhibition is not a market where you can sell straight. It provides an opportunity to set up long-term relationships.

So, it is pointless to appear there without a corporate identity. Other branded members can easily absorb the attention of your target audience. And the slightest chance won’t be left for you to increase the number of customers. That’s why, it would be advisable to get corporate style before you start a participation in this show.

Because while your assistants “smile and wave,” to attract new customers, company identity silently works:

  • increases product awareness;
  • promotes company visibility;
  • creates an individual image;
  • speaks about organization and professionalism;
  • inspires confidence in the target audience;
  • appeals with aesthetic and draws attention to your company.

Stand at the exhibition as a demonstration of success

So, let’s define your working area at the exhibition. Everything is very simple – these are the limits of the exhibition stand. Usually, a standard stand is being offered by organizers to rent. It includes racks, tables, chairs and other minimum exhibition equipment for placing an advertisement.

As each participant is offered the same stand, only strong name and high-quality branding will help you to stand out.

Of course, unusual stand structures draw much more attention. But such a luxury requires a work of experienced designers and extra penny from the budget.

B2B Companies find suppliers and contractors for future cooperation at the exhibitions. The discussion usually starts at the stand and continues in halls. Thus, well-designed structure of stands is strategically important to prepare a profitable offer. You should estimate ready stands of your competitors who participated in exhibitions earlier. And taking the best of them as examples you can discuss with the designers.

Besides, having a stand allows you to:

  • present your company as promising and successful in this field;
  • get valid information about expectations of both: regular and potential customers;
  • get feedback from customers;
  • learn about the latest innovations and technologies;
  • draw the interest of customers and business partners to the company;
  • give food to the media that will write about the exhibition

Scheme of actions at the exhibition

Besides the catchy name and slogan, company needs promotional products. They can be banners, lightboxes, booklets, flyers and business cards, on which the logo is applied. Work on brand creation starts with the logo. Some elements can be created independently on ZenBusiness.

Checklist: what you should never forget at home:

  • An original stand to show your success.
  • Exclusive booklets, flyers and brochures as handouts for interested individuals in your products. These instruments may work out for you even several months after the exhibition. This is a reason that they are considered as promising.
  • Branded pens with notebooks will give the same effect as booklets with brochures.
  • Packages and other souvenir products with company logo on are for brand awareness enhancement.
  • Business cards speed up sales and increase their volume, hence company revenues growth. They have to be taken to the exhibition as many as possible. Especially if it is a large-scale event and a big number of visitors are expected. And of course, your company is from the B2C segment.
  • Informational video presentation and large advertising poster faster introduce your company to visitors
  • A large helium balloon with a company logo attracts visitors abundantly. Often it serves as a photo zone.

“Before” the exhibition:

  1. Check prices. Ideally, you can pay only for the occupied square meters. But some organizers put price tags on used inventory even such as light, carpets, tablecloths and almost air. Read again the contract carefully before signing it.
  2. Identify the guests. Review videos or reports from previous exhibitions. It is necessary to understand what percentage of your target audience is coming, if it is a point to take part here.
  3. Rate the professionalism of organizers at exhibitions. The number of invited guests as well as your current and potential customers and partners depend on that. Of course, not everyone starts with Expo. But, if the advertisement about the exhibition is not active at all, it is unlikely that it will be beneficial for you to visit it.
  4. Some organizers make up a versatile thematic program with workshops, seminars, competitions etc. If you are a part of this scenario, then this exhibition will benefit your company.
  5. Set a clear goal that you are pursuing at the exhibition: is it a partnership or increasing of customer base? You should highlight your requests for this event, so you could understand whether success is achieved.
  6. Prepare in advance. Before you approve an order from the designer, you should definitely attend the place where the exhibition will be held. After interior estimation, the designer will be able to sketch out ideas for your stand as well as determine the necessary dimensions.

“During” the exhibition:

  1. Coherence is the key to success. No matter how cool your team is. You can get exhausted much earlier before the event ends without a preliminary discussion of actions sequence and the division of responsibilities.
  2. Actively use advertising: branded T-shirts, stationery, business cards, booklets, brochures. All this is a guarantee of your brand popularity.
  3. Break everyone with your business program. Of course, a stand is good, but a stand that “speaks” is much better. Search exhibitions with the ability to comment information on public from your booth. Find a charismatic employee for this role who can answer any questions from your target audience.
  4. Stock up enough assistants not to miss a single visitor to your stand. Inattention to customers often creates resentment.
  5. Do not let visitors leave your stand without useful gifts. It inspires confidence. Offer a product or service completely for free – and wait for feedback. Also do not forget about promotional gifts to your partners.
  6. And do not sit. For sure, this rule is not pleasant, but it is the best way for exhibitors to spend this day standing. Visitors will see your activity and readiness for productive work.

“After” the exhibition:

  1. Determine what results were achieved during the participation in this exhibition. Try to make a comparable analysis on expectations from the exhibition with the real results.
  2. Share with public the photos and videos of your participation in this event. This is to show your active position to the largest possible audience.
  3. Make a future action plan for cooperation with new customers and partners.

How to create a logo and business card in a graphic editor on your own

Preparing for an exhibition is a costly business but the importance of brand can’t be neglected in any case. Since it is your brand which is able to pick you out and draw attention. Actually, it is not an issue if company budget does not allow to apply to experienced designers and designing studios. Quality logo and all corporate identity can be created independently on ZenBusiness by a couple of clicks.

Graphic editor selection

Vector programs keep images as separate graphic elements – lines, circles, rectangles etc. During transformation, they are not distorted and are quite simple to draw. It is possible to edit individual parts of the picture. Besides, there are high accuracy (1 inch = 1 000 000 points) and the speed of the editor among its

Disadvantages of this editor include the following: images seem artificial and the editor has a limited set of pictorial tools.

The most popular vector editors among designers are Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. You can design the look of any advertising media in them. If you do not have time to develop the program on your own, it is better to order a designing decor from specialists.

Where it is more convenient to print products – the pros and cons of each option

How to decide where to carry layouts for printing – in a printing house, copy center or at home, you need to understand how much you want to pay and what quality to get at the output.

And be aware that the preparation for the exhibition requires attention to details. Some things are better not to be saved on, in order not to put damage on the company image.

Printing houses

Printing houses accept AI, PDF, EPS, CDR, PS (vector) and TIFF, JPG, PSD (raster) formats.

The most versatile of them is CDR (CorelDRAW program), it is suitable for most tasks. But not always it is compatible with files of old versions and import from Adobe Illustrator.

For example, you made a quality file in Adobe Illustrator and when opened in CorelDRAW, it collapsed. So, the generally accepted standard for printing of printing files is Adobe PDF. There such problems don’t appear.


  • You can get a piece of advice on the choice of paper, feel for different options of design cardboard, order color proofing, see final result at once in the printing house.


  • You have to go there with a ready-made layout. As it’s difficult to make it by yourself, you need to look for a designer.
  • You have to know a minimum of definitions, understand the specifications about printing field at least so that a manager in the printing house could understan and realize your ideas

Copy centers


  • Print run is smaller here than in the printing house – the min batch starts from 50 units.


  • Complete layout is needed. Either you will be offered several options, but the choice will be limited. And perhaps the same option has already been used by others.
  • Poor selection of paper among the cheapest one.
  • The end result depends on the settings of the existing printer, thus it is unpredictable.

Home printer


  • Least costs.
  • No need to go anywhere.


  • Home printer is limited to A4 or max A3 size. Large advertising media requires professional equipment.


If you still do not know to take part in the next exhibition or no, do not hesitate, your competitors will be there! Prepare yourself thoroughly for a visit with your future partners and customers.

Develop a high-quality exclusive corporate identity and the necessary advertising and exhibition equipment. And then all you need – raise your head up, chest out and come on to win new positions and increase sales.

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