Factors to Consider When Hiring Security for Events

By Dan Redd

While this may be the last part of event planning you have considered, it is vital to the success of your event, as well as the safety of your property, patrons, and employees. When planning for a special event, it is critical that you consider how much security will be needed, as well as how many guards will be needed to maintain order at your event.

Consider Your Needs

It is important that when choosing a security company, you consider the specific needs of your business and event. Be careful to choose a reputable company that you can trust!

Check Qualifications and Licensure

When considering which security company to hire for your event, check out the qualifications of the guards on staff. Be sure that the company you hire insists that their guards have obtained a Master Security License that is currently up to date. It will also be important that security guards have proper certification including a First Aid Certificate. Ideally, you want to hire a company that will prove competent to handle a variety of security situations.

Choose Local

Each area has its own culture and security risks unique to that population. Thus, it is wise to hire a security company familiar with your area of the country. This will better equip your guards to deal with security situations in the best way possible due to his or her knowledge of the culture of the area.

Choose Well-Rounded Individuals

It will be helpful to select a security company that has experience in multiple types of events, businesses, homes, etc. This ensures that no matter what situation arises at your event, the security guard will be able to handle it in a skilled, professional manner.

Consider A Versatile Company

If you find yourself looking to hire a security company to manage your special event, it is likely your business has other needs for security services. It is advisable to choose a company that provides a wide range of security services. This ensures that all your security needs can be mitigated across the board with the uniform services of one company.

Determining How Much Security is Needed

When considering how much security presence should be at your special event it will be important to consider to what scale the function will be. This includes factors such as venue size and the number of guests present. Typically, it is considered efficient to hire one guard for every 100 people expected at an event. Ultimately, it is advisable to speak directly to a security company to receive their experienced opinion on what will be needed to ensure you and your guest’s safety.

Smaller Events

Other factors that should be considered when determining number of security guards needed is the type of venue the event will be held at. Outdoor events, even if small, may require additional security presence in order to properly secure an area with multiple points of entry and exit. This can also be the case if a small event is hosted within a large space. It really comes down to the specifics of your event.

Larger Events

Typically, the larger the event the more security will need to be present. No matter how many points of entry and exit, the sheer number of bodies will require a hefty security presence to ensure the crowd does not get out of control. Prevent being held legally responsible for someone’s injury by hiring adequate security. The needed security presence will also depend upon the type of event being held. Events with expensive assets or high-profile guests may require more security than a similar sized event that lacks these features. Factors such as whether alcohol will be served at an event may also influence the behavior of guests and the subsequent need for more or less security. Thus, it will be critical that each individual event is considered in view of its unique guests, location, atmosphere, and assets.

Taking time to consider each of these potential issues will ensure you hire appropriately for the needs of your event. Don’t let fate determine the quality of security at your event. Instead insure your guest, employees, and assets receive the protection they deserve!

Dan Redd is the vice president of Twin City Security Dallas. TCS-Dallas takes safety and security seriously.

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