Five Fun Movies For Entrepreneurs

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, take some time out this weekend and catch up on some other movies that capture the essence of forging out into the world and making a name for yourself. Here are five fun movies for entrepreneurs.

The Social Network
This movie depicts the Hollywood story version of Facebook during its startup phase.

Pirates of Silicon Valley
You can’t talk about Apple without taking a look at the other side of the spectrum with Microsoft. This film not only portrays the early days of Steve Jobs, but also how Bill Gates launched Windows and a new era of computing with it.
This film follows the birth and failure of new media company

Jerry Maguire
While this film may be most well-known for it’s romantic line, “You complete me,” it is an excellent look, career-wise at what many individuals are facing today. Jerry Maguire is the story of an individual who decides he’s had enough of the corporate world and is ready to tackle his industry through self-employment. The movie follows his journey as he goes through the highs and lows.

There’s nothing like a good story of an underdog to excite the interest of an entrepreneur. Moneyball captures not only a great story, but also shows us an excellent example of going outside the box to make a success of your team. These concepts can easily cross over to the business world.

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