Five Ways To Market Yourself As A Freelance Model

To become a model is challenging as the industry is super competitive. Most models sign up with modeling agencies to land lucrative modeling gigs. But if you decide to become a freelance model, there are several ways of marketing yourself to ensure you become a top shot model.

Have a Great Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of photos showcasing a model’s talent. It acts as a resume and assists the model in getting work. Therefore, make sure to have a variety of good and high-quality photographs in different great poses. Remember to add all relevant information about yourself, such as height, weight, and size. For a male model, it’s important to have photos showing your toned physique. This will help you get more opportunities. And as you land more jobs, your portfolio will increase in its versatility showing experience in you as a model.

Choose Your Market

In the modeling industry, there are different types of markets. They include; fashion model, commercial model, runway/catwalk model, fitness model, among others. Make sure to choose the market you are most suitable for, as this will have a significant effect on your success as a model.

Have an Online Presence

In this day and age of internet connection, there is no better way to increase your network than establishing an online presence. Forming Facebook and Instagram accounts, where you post your model photos, will increase your chances of getting more work. Also, don’t forget to tag modeling agencies and companies. Z-cards are standard business cards that contain your photo, contact details, and a few posed photographs. Z-cards will come in handy when you attend modelling events where you will meet potential clients; this will be the perfect time to hand them out.

In addition, it’s essential to have an e-folio. It can be in the form of a website where you have uploaded your photos. Make sure to have your social media accounts linked to the site; this will ensure you have maximum online exposure.

Be Persistent

The modelling industry is very competitive. Patience and persistence are required. Some models land high paying jobs immediately while others take time before making it. There are lots of rejections, but this shouldn’t deter you from following your dream. Make sure to study and develop your skills, such as posing and runway walking. It is what will separate you from the pack.

Know the Terms and Conditions

When you sign contracts, be smart enough to read the fine print. It is your job to make sure to request for better working conditions. When your land gigs, don’t make the rookie mistake of not knowing all the relevant details about the job, such as how much you will get paid? For how many hours will you be on set? Are transport and food provided?

These will, in turn, help you prepare better for the job and give your best. It’s also advisable to have your lawyer present when you sign contracts to ensure your hard work isn’t taken advantage of.


As you work your way up to be a top model, remember to be professional, committed to work, and continuously improve yourself.

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