How to Use Fiverr for Business Successfully

How to Use Fiverr Wisely to Get Legit Results and Not Get Scammed

You know big businesses have full graphic design departments and professional webmasters expertly building their brands. Even some small businesses have in-house people who are able to edit websites and create logos and social media images.

But what if you are a startup entrepreneur who doesn’t have staff members nor a big budget for marketing services but needs help with graphic design, logo creation, and writing? What can you do? Fiverr may be your answer.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to exchange services for money. Most types of services start at $5.00 each, called a Gig – a 5 dollar project. Often, the $5 service is a small sample, but you can review for purchasing a full-service package.

There are thousands of creative professionals offering services in web design, social media, graphics, packaging design, logo development, film, video and writing skills. If used correctly, Fiverr can become your go to place for assistance in marketing your new venture. I have used virtual assistant services Fiverr with good results

Read our tips and suggestions to get the best services, at the lowest price, with the least amount of disappointment and hassle.

Fiverr Do’s

Shop around

Browse around the website and review many similar gigs before making your buying selection. Not all gigs are created equal. Some sellers offer more than others. Read the description carefully to know what you are purchasing, is it just graphic design or the design AND the original layered source file, so you can make edits in the future. There is no standard measurement of what each Gig contains since it is entirely up to the individual seller.

Review vendor ratings

To help you select the right seller for your project, Fiverr has instituted a 3 tier system that categorizes their sellers by customer reviews and ratings. The level one sellers have successfully delivered more than 10 gigs with good customer satisfaction, level two have completed over 50 gigs. The very best vendors on Fiverr are awarded the distinction of being a Top Seller. These vendors are selected by the staff based on excellent approval customer ratings, the volume of work delivered and their contributions to the Fiverr seller community.

Not all good sellers will be rated within the system. Review prospective vendors and compare the quantity of work delivered and the gold star reviews. Read the negative reviews to discover any possible issues that could arise if you hire this seller.

Spend more than five dollars

Fiverr gigs start at $5, but do not end there. All the top sellers offer premium, professional services for a greater fee. For example, a graphic design for social media only for Facebook could cost five dollars, but if you increase to $10 you could get three social media images instead of only one. Spend a bit more like $25 and you could get 5+ with an animated gif given as a bonus. As for all buying, compare prices and offerings to determine best overall value.

Fiverr Don’ts

Forget your project details

You will get the very best work from Fiverr when you provide the most details to your vendor. So be as specific as you can about your needs, including where you will use the image you are ordering, the site for the blog post you want to be written and exactly which colors and fonts you like and dislike. Remember the old saying that a picture is worth 1000 words, this is especially true on gig sites such as Fiverr since many of the sellers are not native English speakers and are more likely to understand your sketch than a lot of American slang in your description.

Settle for less than you ordered

Most vendors are happy to correct, and revise deliverables, to fix mistakes or clarified misunderstandings to make you satisfied, get repeat orders from you and to avoid negative reviews. While you certainly won’t take advantage of this, I encourage you to communicate clearly, and kindly, to your vendor, even multiple times if necessary, to end up with a product that you can use for your startup. Don’t think that just because you are spending a small amount of money you cannot expect satisfaction. Sellers reputations and star ratings are very important for their continued business on fiber and thus they will work hard to get your good review and 5 gold stars.

Go at it Alone

Fiverr has a great support staff and a full knowledge base that will answer your FAQs. Take advantage of the help center for any questions or disputes you may have with your sellers.

Use Fiverr for your business startup needs, just use it carefully and wisely.

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