How Entrepreneurs Benefit From Word Games

By John Pearson

Whether spoken or played on board, word games provide us with a desirable level of entertainment. One of its particularly good merits is that it often gives room for many players to play at once making it a very fun game for group relaxation. Besides the entertainment purposes served by word games, many of them are also intellectual games. They improve the cognitive abilities of players. They equally teach and imbibe concentration in players.

Benefits of Word Games

Vocabulary: The very first merit of word games that readily comes to mind is the improvement of vocabulary. Players of word games get to improve their vocabulary in an almost effortless and entertaining manner. This, at the basic level, impacts our day to day communication. We can express ourselves in clear and emphatic manners. This, in turn, gives confidence to a huge lift. We are naturally more confident when we don’t have much difficulty expressing our minds exactly as we would love to.

Concentration: Word games include solving puzzles and cracking rules. These kinds of games require a high level of concentration from players. Over time, players of word games like Scrabble have improved concentration and longer attention span, which is a luxury in this age. For instance, to unscramble letters for scrabble, you need maximum concentration and playing does not only help improve your level of concentration but as well as your attention span as well as helps your vocabulary. The need for focus and concentration increases as the difficulty level of the games increases hence players keep getting better in concentration.

Cognitive abilities: Word games also rank high on the list of games that enhance the cognitive skills of players. Players of these games show an improved ability of problem identification as well as providing the solutions. Word games are very good for creativity and it does not take long to see the difference in people.

Happiness: According to researchers, the production of dopamine in our brain is increased during word games. Dopamine, usually called happiness hormones, improves your mood hence making you happier, more optimistic and satisfied.

Relieves stress: As said earlier, word games require maximum attention. This characteristic of the games provides an escape from the complications and pressures you might have encountered during the day. It’s indeed a great way to unwind.

With the great benefits of word games highlighted above, how do entrepreneurs benefit by partaking in them?


The importance of creativity in the life of an entrepreneur cannot be overemphasized. Creativity determines how you solve the problems you get paid for. Innovation, more often than not, has nothing to do with coming up with an entirely new thing but new ways of doing the same thing. Without this attribute, it becomes difficult for entrepreneurs to be successful in what they do. One of the benefits of word games is that it improves the cognitive abilities of players hence entrepreneurs who play them will have increased creativity.


Word games also give mental alertness and awareness. Entrepreneurs need a high level of alertness and awareness in today’s fast-paced business world if they will survive at all.

Attention to Details

Another key attribute successful entrepreneurs exhibit is a high level of attention to detail. Entrepreneurs who play word games have their concentration and attention span greatly enhanced hence resulting in better attention to details. The reason why an enterprise will fail or succeed might be greatly dependent on a factor that seems insignificant hence it takes someone with almost impeccable attention to details to take note of these factors and swiftly move to a position of advantage.


The life of an entrepreneur is not always desirable. Some days are just bad yet the work must continue. It takes someone with formidable motivation and optimism to look at every obstacle and challenge on his path and be determined to put them behind him. The happiness hormones released during word games have considerably long effects on your mood hence providing necessary optimism for your enterprise. Sometimes, when I am in a bad moment, I get word games to play. By the time I finish the game, the Happiness hormone released in my brain empowers me to face the challenge. Often the challenge appears less than it was before I played the game. It isn’t the challenge that changed, it was my mood and perception.


An entrepreneur cannot do without confidence. He or she must feel confident about his skills and abilities to provide solutions to the problems facing mankind. Entrepreneurs also have to meet and talk to a lot of people which often involves convincing potential customers, credit facilities and potential partners about what you do. Improved vocabulary gotten by playing word games helps entrepreneurs to properly articulate and communicate their thoughts.

The benefits of word games to an entrepreneur are enormous. Relieving stress and improved problem-solving skills are other important ones. You should give playing some of these games a chance if you are yet to.

John Pearson is a serial entrepreneur and writer who is passionate about helping small businesses launch and grow. His work has been featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes

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