How To Integrate Progressive Web Apps In Magento 2

PWA or Progressive Web Applications is a modern and high-tech concept that was developed by Google in 2015. With the help of PWA, the owner can turn his web resource into a convenient app that will work directly from the browser of the mobile device.

In order to integrate Magento 2 PWA, you need to make sure that your resource is configured in accordance with the necessary requirements: using a secure HTTPS protocol, adaptive/adaptable coding, each resource web page has its own personal URL. What is more, you should check that the platform is using the current Magento version.

Features of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps is a web resource that is faster, more reliable, and more user-friendly. Such characteristics have become possible due to the active use of modern tools and web technologies, such as application shell, HTTPS, Service Worker, push notifications, web application manifest, etc.

A technological approach to the implementation of PWA opens up the following opportunities for users:

  • using the website without connecting to the Internet;
  • installation of the app from the browser, bypassing special application stores;
  • receive notifications online.

In terms of functionality, the initial launch of Progressive Web Applications is based on a Service Worker script. In this case, caching is carried out, and only after that, the data begins to be loaded in accordance with the necessary event or user request. At the end of the events, the Service Worker stays in standby mode until a new user request arrives.

Benefits of Magento 2 PWA

Progressive Web Apps is an up-to-date front-end solution that allows APIs to interact with e-commerce platforms. Simply put, decision-making and business processes are fenced off from the visual component, which positively affects the overall performance of the resource.

The main advantage of progressive web applications is accessibility as such resources are able to bring their owners a stable profit even with a low Internet speed for the end-user and even offline. All user requests and data will be instantly delivered to the server immediately after the Internet connection is restored.

Magento 2 PWA resources are secure because the secure HTTPS protocol is used by default. In addition, Progressive Web Apps have the best protection against any kind of unauthorized intrusion and hacker attacks. Thus, all your data will be safe.

PWA technology is capable of maintaining the fastest page loading speed. The unique caching function allows any page of the website to load in just a few moments. High loading speed is maintained even if heavy multimedia content is used on the pages.

Besides, one of the undoubted advantages of PWA is user-friendliness. Technology features increased overall intuitiveness, reduced downtime, and instant push notifications.

Written by Michael Lee.

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