7 Tips on How to Use Instagram in Your Project Management

The concept of project management originally surfaced during the early sixties. Ever since then we have increasingly looked for practices, systems, and now software to make our lives run more smoothly, and bring home our projects on time, and within our specified allocated budgets.

Fast forward to today and any number of project management tools with all manner of whistles and bells will do the job of easing our way to increase our business. The number of these magical pieces of software that are now available on the market is absolutely staggering. However, you must pay a price to use them.

It is essential while planning your project in this current business climate that you incorporate social media as a must for giving oxygen to your project. Your planned outcome or achievement these days must be one of an extremely visual nature, and is what project management essentially is. The popular tool Instagram has the ability to mimic social media-wise the tools you will need to keep track of your project. It is colorful, it is engaging, and it is free.

Improving productivity as regards social media and how it relates to project management appears to be the name of the game today. How instantly recognizable is your business model and logo? How instantly recognizable is your brand? These are the questions Instagram can answer for you.

This article will outline the reasons why you need to start using Instagram today. The 7 best tools available that will make your life easier while doing so, will be discussed. As Facebook owns Instagram, it is pretty essential that you start with linking the two sites together.

Instagram is a video and photograph-sharing site that will spectacularly advertise your brand. It is important that you create a separate account for each subject or niche you wish to promote. “For instance, photos or videos of your family and friends should not be mixed in with your business interest and brand. Instagram and its associated tools make the process an easy one. Instagram also encourages the setting up of multiple accounts.” — advice from Benjamin Fennell from cpaexamguy.com.

Tool 1.

Snapwidget is a tool that makes life easier when using Instagram. It is free to register an account and to use it without ever having to upgrade to their Lite Plan or Pro Plan. Snapwidget displays your pictures in a professional manner while making your brand look good too. Lite and Pro plans give you access to more widgets and different types of displays – static, scrolling, map and slideshow, etc. The monthly paid-for versions also allow the use of personalized CSS and the ability to display your photos in a lightbox. This tool will powerfully allow you to manage how you can access social media to your advantage.

Tool 2.

Another free tool with the option to upgrade is SocialRank. The emphasis on this piece of software is the management of your followers and the ability to connect with them instantly. When you have imported your followers into Instagram you then have the ability to analyze them minutely in order to market to them effectively. There is also the usual option to further upgrade if you wish to pay monthly for more options. This time, it’s $49 and a further undisclosed upgrade whereby you are asked to contact SocialRank for the personal touch. If you want your project to receive the best exposure this piece of software can help.

Tool 3.

Social Insight is an Instagram social media and marketing tool. Unfortunately, there is no free version, but there is a 14-day free trial before paying $29/month, $79/month, or $299/month. The price structure reflects the number of accounts that are managed for you: 1, 5, or 25. If you are serious about promoting your business and want to create a buzz, Social Insight can help. The level of support, detailed analytics, and reports available to you will be a subscription worthwhile.

Tool 4.

Crowdfire is the fourth piece of software discussed here and is primarily a tool for managing subscribers and deleting those followers who no longer engage. Crowdfire can be used just as easily for Twitter as it can be for Instagram. A lot has been written about some of Crowdfire’s in-depth uses including reposting top users as a way of increasing exposure. The 12 million current users of this software must know something!

Tool 5.

Billed as an easier way to manage your Instagram accounts, Schedugram allows you to manage multiple accounts commencing at $5 a week with a one-week free trial. This software encourages multiple uploads to be scheduled for later posting and viewing. This is an extremely affordable tool with vast photo editing capabilities as well as reporting software that will assist you in managing your project.

Tool 6.

Iconosquare is an impressive tool with an impressive array of companies already currently using their services. For $49/year, 149/year, and $449/year per Instagram account you too can be managed by Iconosquare. “Key analytics for your Instagram account” is how Iconosquare describe what they offer. Their monitoring ability and production of vital statistics you need to know about your customers make this piece of software a must if you are serious about managing your project successfully.

Tool 7.

“Monetize and maximize your best content” is the headline that greets you as you access Olapic Tapshop’s website. You are left with no doubt that your Instagram account via your e-Commerce website will attract the traffic needed to make your business successful through multiple linking and content sharing. Because of the multiple related product descriptions that are linked to the many photos shared, Olapic Tapshop claims a number of clicks a prospective buyer takes to move from a viewer to a buyer is drastically shortened as a consequence of their seamless work-flow.

Connie Benton is a freelance writer and guest contributor. She writes about content marketing, business writing, and blogging.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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