7 Tips To Draw In Instagram Followers

Getting more Instagram followers is often down to the quality of your account – so here is how to improve it.

1. Post Photos that are High Quality

If you are posting photos that are not properly shot, blurry, taken with a greasy lens, then do not be shocked that old Grubby McBlur’s channel is not receiving any subscriptions. Instagram is the ideal place to share the photos you shot from your cell phone, however if you have a camera that is not up to snuff, it may be a better idea to take your photos with a DSLR and upload the pictures via your computer. Instagram is supposed to be the dream, not nightmare of photographers.

2. Use Hashtags

With hashtags you are able to immediately tap into communities. If you are already using hashtags, look over the photos that are using that hashtag, see which ones are receiving the most likes and engagement. You can watch your followers grow by emulating the winning formula.

3. Mention People

If you are on Instagram, chances are that you are following people posting things that you like. If you’re following them, talk to them. If you are able to get a conversation going with someone that has more followers than you do, their followers may be interested in clicking on your profile and see what you are posting, and if you have followed tip number one, in no time this should lead to more followers.

Having a larger amount of followers is not only about the self-love metrics. It is a measure of your popularity, i.e., the social currency. First of all, your follower base is proof of your credibility on Instagram, and it can influence your reach and the decision of others to follow you or not.

4. Post at the Right Time

You can find this tip etched in stone on the list of the most important social media commandments. Regardless of the platform you are on, thinking like your prey is a must. Who is your target audience and what habits do they have? If you’re posting subject is breakfast. Post in the morning; however make sure that you post in the time zone that those you want following your post are in. Research the perfect times for posting social media content. If you know the times that people are on their lunch break or sitting on buses or trains, then you know the times in which you can get their attention. Here is a good guide on the best times to post.

5. Engage Your Audience

You know what it is that catches your attention as you’re scrolling down your feed and causes you to stop and have a look. However it is one thing to stop, it is another to interact. Even if the picture you post is average, if you add an awesome caption, the chances of someone stopping to comment are higher. You could use a tool such as like4like.com to do so.

Once a contribution has been made to your post, that person has become a part of what you are doing. Some easy ways of luring people into wanting to engage with your posts more is by being funny, provocative or asking questions.

6. Use Instagram More

Although this may sound silly, followers will normally appear out of nowhere. Usually, the more that you post, the more followers you get. If you only post once every blue moon, do not be surprised that followers are not flocking. Look over the feeds of those you like and see how active they are.

7. Do As the Pros Do

There are countless guides on bettering your social media strategies that you can find on the web, the people who write these get paid for doing this kind of stuff. These guys get tons of Instagram followers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on their toilet breaks the build brands, and while standing in line at the checkout counter, they increase engagement all the while making it look so easy.

They are the best to learn form, if this information is being shared for free, it would be silly to make the most of it. For starters check out the most popular guy on the internet, Guy Kawasaki.

This article was written by Thomas Rood.

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