7 Creative Ways To Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Are you running a business or brand page on social media but are worried about its growth? Well, you need not now! Billions of people active on social media make it the best place to increase brand awareness or business exposure, ‘if’ proper social media strategies are used. In case you want to skyrocket the traffic on your social media page, follow the below-mentioned tips. These innovative tips are definitely worth the effort and will help take your business to the height with the help of the army of your followers gained through these strategies!

1. Design SMART Goals

The most important point to start with is to design SMART goals. Either it is a new brand you are launching or a new business you are running on social media, the goals associated with its growth must be SMART. SMART goals, like their name, are smart. The acronym SMART stands for simple, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Whatever your goals are, make sure they are not too complicated. Simple goals are easier to understand and can work upon easily.

Furthermore, the goals must be measurable and achievable, that is you must be able to measure the progress of those goals and attain them with ease, respectively. Your goals must also be realistic and time-bound. Do not make goals that are away from reality and cannot be achieved.

2. Select Social Media Platform Wisely

Selecting a social media platform to start with is another useful tip. New and better apps are being introduced with the passage of time, making it difficult for you to choose one from them. However, you can do so easily by following some tips. For example, use the social media platform that has the largest number of your target population. In the present time, Instagram and Twitter are among the most used apps. If you can grow on any one of them, it will help you increase your follower count on other apps too. Like a well-grown account on Instagram, your Twitter automatically following can also be a handy option to reach your success.

3. Know All About Your Target Audience and Take Steps Accordingly

Once your SMART goals are all set and the platform is chosen, think about your target population and gather all information about it. Your audience will determine the success of your brand or business. Therefore, know all you need to know about your target audience. From the posts that they are engaging into the content that they are taking interest in and from the social media platform they mostly use to the times most of them are active, you need to collect all the information!

Fortunately, apps like Instagram and Facebook do give you all the required information about your social media community. So get into the details and plan your actions according to them. Like, you can post the content at times when your target community is active.

4. Increase Your Follower Count by Creating and Following a Winning Game Plan

Researchers have unveiled that those who create and follow social media strategies are more prone to getting successful than those who don’t. Well, this is a call-to-action for you! Grab your pen and paper. Enlist all social media strategies you will be following to make your dream come true. Make sure all those social media strategies are SMART and engaging for your audience!

Consider the following tips while designing your social media strategies:

• Highlight the upcoming events and festivals.

• Create customized hashtags to put under your posts.

• Follow a specific theme in your content to make it interesting for your audience.

• Ensure to engage your audience on ongoing campaigns, features, and trends.

5. Make Use of Helpful Tools

Making use of helpful tools can aid in growing on social media platforms. Just as mentioned above, it is important to look for the details about the activity of your target audience. But once you’ve got information about it, then what? You cannot stay up all night to wait for the time to post your content when everybody is awake, however, you can make use of some tools to schedule the content, so it gets posted at the desired time without causing any inconvenience for you.

6. Follow Storytelling Method

Incorporating the method of storytelling is found to be a very effective way of compelling people. They believe more in stories and experiences full of emotions, causing an increase in your brand awareness, followed by its growth. It also helps build an emotional attachment and enables them to relate themselves to the stories.

7. Use Emoticons

Using emoticons is a very helpful way of increasing engagement of your content and delivering the right meaning of the content to the viewers. It helps people understand the nature, tone, and direction of your content. Remember that simple texts look boring.

These innovative tips are very simple yet effective. You might need to invest some time in them, but the results they produce will be worth it! So what are you waiting for? Plan your brand success and act upon it right away!

Good luck!

Emma Lewis is a loving mother, a devoted wife, and a part of the team supporting Spacer – a company helping you find storage space whenever you need it. Emma is also a staunch supporter of the sharing economy.

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