How to Protect Your Business from Compensation Claims

No business is safe from a compensation claim. Although we’ve all seen the advertisements for people ‘injured in an accident at work that wasn’t your fault’, with factory workers getting their hands crushed, or window-cleaners falling off ladders, the reality is that anyone can claim a personal injury, even if it is only minor.

Some people are even willing to injure themselves purposely, or fake or exaggerate an injury, in order to get a pay-out. It’s never a pleasant thing to consider that an employee in your business could or would do this, but it’s still practical to protect yourself in advance. 

Get General Liability Insurance

Often the most obvious solution is to get insured. Whether you’re a large business or are just starting up, getting general liability insurance will allow you to know exactly what your policy covers, should an accident at work occur. It also covers other areas aside from personal injury, such as property damage, libel, and slander. Review your general liability insurance each year to make sure you are still covered. 

Do Health & Safety Checks

We can’t control everything that happens, but we can try to prevent it. Simply completing a basic health and safety assessment of your workplace will show that you are taking your employees’ welfare into account. Cluttered offices, overflowing computer wires, and general disorganization are all potential hazards.

Even having a spillage in the kitchen could lead to a fall. It could be argued that this is just an accident and not a result of neglect, but if someone is injured due to hazardous conditions that could have been prevented, then they definitely have a claim to make. If your work involves heavy machinery, ensure that regular inspections are carried out. And if there is work being carried out during business hours, such as building work or cleaning, try to keep those areas quarantined, or put up warning signs. 

Train Your Employees in case of Emergencies 

In most cases, people won’t know how to react to a medical emergency. By educating your staff on things like First Aid training, you can prove that you took safety measures to avoid injury. You can also ask employees for feedback on office maintenance and whether they have any complaints or suggestions to improve safety in the workplace. This will show that you are prioritizing your employee’s safety and being proactive in creating a safer environment for them to work in. 

Lawyer Up 

Someone seeking an injury claim won’t hesitate to contact a workers compensation injury lawyer, so you need to be prepared too. Don’t wait until you’re in hot water to get some professional help. Consult a solicitor for advice to avoid any missteps and keep everything above-board.

Saving Face

A compensation claim doesn’t just involve losing money; it can also lose your business respectability. Knowing how to handle this sort of situation in a professional manner is paramount to preserving your reputation. Equally important is your commitment to keeping working conditions suitable for your employees, so as to prevent any potential accidents. 

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