How To Prove A Car Accident And Lost Wages When Self-Employed

Incurring injuries from a car accident and missing work is terribly crippling you from your optimal capacity. Missing work means lost wages. It is a common practice to file a lawsuit to claim lost wages due to injuries incurred by car accidents. If you happen to be in this kind of situation, you would greatly feel how it has affected you economically.

What if you’re self-employed? How would you claim for lost wages due to a car accident? And prove how much you should be earning had you not been involved in an accident. This can be quite a handful and can be complicated to process compared to an employed individual.

To further help you with this matter, read on to know more.

Get Help from a Professional

There is no better way to get yourself done with claiming lost wages from a car accident. If the car accident is solely dependent on the other driver at hand, you can claim for the missed productive days that you have. Trained professionals, Sacramento car accident attorneys, are compassionate lawyers who understand the need for the claimant of such economic loss. They can call on their network of friends who can help you further to get your desired results.

Statement of Income

A bank statement or a record of invoices you received from your clients constitutes your income proof. Based on these documents, you can calculate your daily or hourly income that you had lost when you incurred injuries from the car accident. The more detailed proof of income you have, the higher the chance for you to be compensated. You should be able to provide these kinds of information to ease the lost wages claims. Proof of income documents is a great factor in determining your lost wages claims.

Documenting Increased Expenses

If you have contracted someone to do your work, you can document this move. The invoices that you have paid for your contractor can be used as a document to support your income loss. It is also important to note that contractor’s labor fee varies. That is why it is important to keep a detailed record of your contractor’s services and other miscellaneous expenses that go along with support your claims further

Medical Documents

This is probably one of the documents that shouldn’t be forgotten. A medical certificate or a doctor’s recommendation is beneficial in backing up your claims. It primarily tells the gravity that is brought by the situation.

Proving the lost wages of a self-employed individual is way more complicated in supporting your claims. The difficulty of gathering the necessary documents and making them evidence-worthy is a tedious job for both claimant and the lawyer assigned. Aside from that, there could be irregularities in your bank statements or statement of income that could prolong the lost wages claims process. In addition to that, insurance companies may opt-out in not bailing the situation for the reason that there’s a lack of proof or the proof is not strong enough to support such claims. You should always be aware of this in order not to get surprised as to how difficult it can be.

Russell Smith is an experienced chartered accountant with over a decade of experience running his own business.

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