How to Respond to Online Positive Reviews

Did you manage to obtain positive reviews online? That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you have to take them for granted.

In other words, responding to positive reviews is a way to show your gratitude and appreciation toward people’s trust and a willingness to give your business a chance. But, believe it or not, there’s more to this matter.

Receiving good online reviews takes a large degree of effort, indeed, but, even so, you should know that your work in this sector is not over. So, here is why you should respond to positive reviews and how you should do this right.

It makes your company and brand look more reliable

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about positive or negative reviews because as long as people enjoy a follow-up from the company’s representatives or management team, your business and brand will be impacted in a positive manner.

Your reaction to their reviews will increase your company’s reliability, as each client will feel important and cared for. So, you should make sure that you dedicate a bit of time to respond to all the reviews you get, which includes the positive ones as well. How does this help? Writing personal notes to the reviews you get shows everybody you care, so it will be easier to attract new clients and increase the number of sales.

How to tackle this matter when the time is short

Even if you’d like to respond to all the reviews you get, we all know that the time of managers is very short. How to deal with this so that you will still show your customers that you care for what they have to say? When you have limited time at your disposal to take care of this part of your business, make sure to treat with priority those clients that spent most of their time on your business.

We are talking about those that offer the most detailed reviews, taking their time to put their own thoughts and experiences in words. If you do this, the customers that already show increased interest in your business can be easily turned into real-life ambassadors for your brand. So, it really matters to respond with the same amount of attention and dedication, at least to those clients that took the time to show how much they value the experiences they had with your business.

When responding to a review, work on creating a connection

While people appreciate a response coming from a manager, they don’t expect to receive a formal response. Or, at least, this is not what they prefer. They want to be seen and treated like old friends or part of the family, so make sure you work on establishing this kind of connection by using warm and friendly words. Thus, you need to start your response with a friendly greeting together with the name of the person who will receive your note.

This way, you make that person feel that you are addressing to him or her alone and care enough to engage with them at a personal level. Your customers will feel unique and highly valued if you do so and the chances for them to become returning customers are increased significantly.

Always express your gratitude

The whole idea behind responding to online reviews is to show your gratitude toward your clients. Here are a few positive reviews examples and how to respond in a way that shows how grateful you are: “Hello, Inna! Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the kind note you left with regard to the experience you had with our business. Thank you once more!” or “Hi, Matthew! Reading your review is the biggest reward our team can get. Thank you for making our day brighter!”.  It really takes just a few minutes to come up with a thank you note in which you allow people to see that you do appreciate and value their experiences with your company. Make them feel special and most certainly they will bring in more clients.

At this point, it is easy to understand why responding to positive reviews is such a great approach for your business. Not only will this action help you manage bad review better, by showing people that you do care and you are indeed doing your best to offer them high-quality services and products, but will also turn existing clients into advocates for your brand. So, even if your schedule is tight, do your best to dedicate one hour or two to respond to as many reviews as possible. Just make sure to treat the most important ones with priority.

Author bio:

Jason Goldstein works for Premier Pups, a business based on selling happy and healthy puppies. Customer Satisfaction is very important to him because he understands that the company’s customers have to be as happy as the puppies they are going to adopt.

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