How Your Business Can Benefit From Advertising

The main role of advertising is that this communication tool is the means to consolidate market positions and develop new niches. However, for the practical implementation of this principle, it is necessary for advertising to be the part of the overall marketing strategy of the company. Therefore, modern advertising is the result of the serious work of various specialists. Existing separately from marketing programs, advertising does not bring the desired results, leading to losses. Advertising is impersonal, representing a monologue that provides customers with information about the product that the company offers.

Such a monologue is not only informative. The purpose of advertising is to create a positive impression of the company products and its activities in general. Advertising foreshadows the purchase and has a positive effect on sales. Advertising tells potential consumers about the properties of products and services that can meet needs and requests. For example, the article about top 10 custom essay writing services will provide students with the chance to choose the best writer and will help the company to promote its services at the same time.

What are the Main Tasks of Advertising?

Associations that arise in the client’s subconscious after receiving an advertising message should have a beneficial effect on the formation of consumer demand for this or that product. That is why modern advertising is the result of serious work of various specialists: marketers, writers, designers, artists, psychologists, etc. Summarizing the above-mentioned information, it is possible to formulate the definition of advertising as an instrument of marketing communication oriented to the dissemination of information with the aim of attracting customers to the goods and services of the company. Advertising appeals have the following tasks:

  • Informing about new products;
  • Creating a positive image of the company;
  • Dissemination of information about the advantages of goods;
  • Formation of a favorable view of the company activities in the subconsciousness of consumers;
  • Creating a unique and easily recognizable image of the brand;
  • Psychological preparation of buyers for the purchase of goods;
  • Creating favorable conditions for the development of new market segments.

How to Formulate Advertising Appeals?

There are two major types of advertising appeals. The first type is aimed at creating demand while the second one is aimed at creating a positive image of the company. The first category of advertising appeals is primarily of an informative nature. With the help of advertising means, the consumer can learn more about the technical and functional characteristics of the goods as well as about the needs this product is able to meet.

Such advertising raises the awareness of consumers about the market proposal, psychologically prepares them to make a purchasing decision and facilitates the work of sellers. On the other hand, the advertising appeals of the first group maintain a stable sales volume, do not allow the already formed demand to fall, consolidate market positions, and develop consumers’ sense of commitment to one brand.

Advertising appeals of the second group inform the consumer about a particular company, highlighting its superiority over other enterprises. Such appeals create a corporate image and unique style for the firm, forming the prerequisites for a positive opinion about the products produced by this enterprise. To achieve advertising goals, there are the following features of formulating an advertising message:

  • Informing the consumer about the main idea of the product or service offer. The development of a short verbal slogan or laconic speech emphasizing the conformity of product characteristics with customer requests and preferences is of the utmost importance.
  • The use of visual bright images, providing the reinforcement of the claimed idea with the help of visual illustrations.
  • The application of public channels for distribution of advertising appeals to reach the entire target audience.
  • The existence of a logical connection between separate parts of advertising appeals and the advertising campaign as a whole. This principle provides a sequence of actions and followings in one chosen direction.
  • The use of easily memorized sentences and images in advertising appeals.

The implementation of advertising appeals does not force consumers to react instantly to the information received. Advertising only offers a certain solution to meet a particular need, giving customers the opportunity to compare it with the products of competitors and make a choice on their own. With the help of such unobtrusiveness, the buyer subconsciously receives the necessary motivation to purchase products. In order to achieve the highest result, advertising must be repeated many times, be spectacular and impressive. The consumer must feel that the enterprise takes care of his or her interests.

Types of Advertising Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Depending on the goals set for the firm, management makes a decision to use one or another type of advertising, each of which has specific features and performs different functions:

  • Informative advertising: Dissemination of information about new products and services and advertising of the product range.
  • Comparative advertising: Presentation of competitive advantages of the goods; information about the unique properties of goods.
  • Corporate advertising: Forming a positive image of the company and creating a trusted image.
  • Social advertising: Orientation of appeals on certain categories of the population.

You may also find other classifications of advertising appeals. The choice of the most suitable type of advertising depends on many factors. They include the stage of the product life cycle, the target audience, the level of competition, the functional characteristics of the product, and also the overall objective of the communication policy.

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