How Your Website Design Affects Your Business Success

1. Brand Awareness

Website design is about more than putting your business information online. A website with a user-friendly layout and simple navigation makes it easier for users to find their desired information quickly, which means they’ll be able to spend less time navigating the site and more time finding exactly what they’re looking for. This is why brand awareness should be one of the first drivers for your next design project. This will keep them coming back frequently, as lower bounce rates equate to more page views!

The moment you land on a company website, whether as a customer or as an interesting prospect, you should be able to immediately tell what the site is about. Your brand design will reflect your company’s values and goals so users can quickly identify with your business. This means more new customers!

2. Public Perception

A strong web presence also affects how the public perceives your company overall. Sites that are easy to navigate reflect positively on a business because they show that a company cares about its customers’ experience and has invested in a professional design. When prospective customers see this – as well as relevant information for needs, contact info, coupons or deals, etc. – they’ll be more inclined to make a purchase. Just as a positive web design affects public perception, it also affects customer satisfaction rates. When customers can quickly find what they need or contact you easily, they’ll be much happier than if they had to hunt down information on their own!


With an eye-catching design and relevant content, you can increase your ranking on search engines like Google or Bing! One way of doing this is by creating optimized pages with which you can target specific keywords (keywords are words related to the product or service you provide). Web designers will be familiar with how to create keyword-rich as well as user-friendly web pages as part of your site design. Websites that have been optimized for search engines also often rank higher because their code has been structured in a manner that’s better suited for online software. This means the site loads much faster than sites that aren’t optimized for search engines – and we all know that people click off a website almost immediately if it’s taking too long to load.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

A successful website design has the power to increase your conversion rates (i.e., how many visitors take action and complete tasks such as filling out forms for giveaways, signing up for newsletters, etc.) – which ultimately leads to more new customers and increased revenue! A professional website is attractive to potential customers, so the likelihood of converting them into new clients is much higher. Higher conversion rates essentially mean that you’re doing more for your business with the same amount of resources.

5. A First Impression

The first impression people get of your company will be through your website design you must make a good one! A business should invest in their online presence because first impressions ultimately affect whether or not someone will complete the desired action on your site (i.e., purchase something, download an e-book or whitepaper, etc.). If users aren’t impressed with what they see on your website, they’ll click away and go visit another business’ website instead. This is why it’s crucial to present a strong brand image from the start.

6. Better Visitor Experience

According to some experts, companies that produce better user experiences see 20% to 35% increases in conversions. This means that if you’re able to provide your users with a good experience, they’ll be much more inclined to do business with you! A professional-looking website is key because it shows customers that your company cares about its image and reputation. When people trust your site, they’ll feel better doing business with you which can lead to increased income.

A well-designed website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides useful information for potential customers who wish to find out more or make a purchase from you. If done correctly, the design of your site will build brand awareness, increase public perception of your business and mean more revenue for your organization!

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