Advantages and disadvantages of JPEG format

JPEG is one of the most recognizable and popular raster image format. This format appeared as a result of the “Joint Photographic Experts” work. The main objective of the development team was to develop the optimal algorithm for image compression and this problem was solved successfully.

We have already mentioned the format briefly in this article “Graphic file formats – JPEG, PNG, SVG, PDF”.

We analyze the pros and cons of the format in more detail below.

jpeg format


Advantages and disadvantages

– high controlled degree of compression. The user independently selects the ratio quality/file size;
– small file size;
– format is compatible and it is displayed correctly in any browsers, text and graphics programs, on all computers, tablets and mobile devices;
– suitable for full-color realistic images with a lot of color and contrast transitions;
– picture quality is high with small degree of compression.

All these features provide tremendous popularity of the format.

– image may “fall apart” into individual squares – 8×8 pixel blocks when you squeeze it. This occurs because compression algorithm involves analysis of neighboring pixels, due to this smooth color – transitions may become harsh or just disappear;
– JPEG is less suitable for working with text or monochrome graphics with clear boundaries;
– format does not support transparency and In case of drawing templates, logos, buttons it’s necessary;
– every next step of compressing the image degrades its quality .

How to use the JPEG

JPEG is often applied for the processing and storage of full-color images with realistic elements and brightness and color transitions.

Also this format is used for storing and transmitting graphical digital content (photos, scanned copies of digitized pictures).

It is the most convenient for transmission of compressed images on the Internet, because it takes less space in comparison to other formats. However, JPEG is ideal for home photo storage, photo transmission through the Internet or posting on the site.

how to use jpeg format

We will discuss optimal formats for logos, business cards, etc. in our future articles.

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