Looking For A DevOps Tool? Here Are Your Options

At this day and age, it’s imperative for emerging and established businesses to make use of software and solutions that can help streamline their daily operations. For businesses, the best set of tools to help support their operations are DevOps tools and there are a lot of these to choose from.

Before we talk about the best DevOps tools, it’s vital that we talk about what these are first. To put it simply, DevOps is the combination of practices and tools that can help increase a business’s or an organization’s ability to deliver applications at a faster rate than traditional software management processes.

This additional speed and capacity to deliver applications can benefit organizations in many ways. Aside from being a better business all-in-all, such solutions also result in organizations being able to deliver better experiences for their customers and effectively, in the market as well.

Again, there are quite a few DevOps tools to choose from. However, we’ve found that these are the best currently and it’s better to consider these tools first.


Kubernetes is an open-source container that allows businesses to easily host and manage web applications. This job also includes managing the life cycles of these software as well. To put it simply, Kubernetes lets you operate and facilitate your applications so that they are more productive and efficient.

As a DevOps tool, what makes Kubernetes unique is that it syncs together various aspects of the work process which in turn reduces operational burdens as well. With this DevOps tool, you’ll be able to operate more efficiently even if you’re using a host of applications to support your business.

Kubernetes has been compared to many DevOps tools out there but in terms of efficiency and productivity, none can stand up to Kubernetes so far. In fact, the topic of Terraform vs Kubernetes has already been settled. Now, Terraform easily co-exists with Kubernetes thus resulting in a more efficient software solution.


Another top DevOps tool that works well with Kubernetes is Docker. It is a tool that’s primarily used for containerization which is essentially the process of compressing apps and software into smaller packages, thus allowing for better management and handling.

Every application container made using Docker will include the source code, supporting files, run time, and many others. Docker helps make these files accessible to those that have access to it as well. All-in-all, Docker can be used to make companies run more efficiently even if they are running large-scale programs.


Another open-source project is Jenkins. To put it simply, it is an open-source continuous integration server. It helps automate the overall development cycle of a software project. It’s a helpful tool that’s used by businesses who are operating in high capacity as it helps the workers be more in sync with each other.

One of the best tools of Jenkins is the Pipeline feature. It allows developers to commit code into the repository of a software project easily. Of course, others can easily get these codes as well so that they are able to continue or to add into the coding of the project.

So far, a lot of developers have nothing but praise for Jenkins. It is mostly known for its accessibility and versatility when it comes to collaboration projects has made it a must-have for large development teams. As a DevOps tool, Jenkins can make large-scale projects easier to commit to.


Since launching in 2013, Slack has served as one of the top communication tools used by businesses to help their teams coordinate more effectively. Yes – DevOps tools isn’t all about creating applications and software. It’s also about ensuring that teams are able to work well with each other as well.

Slack has essentially been used as a tool that can break down communicative barriers between teams that operate to help the business run. It’s a powerful and efficient tool at the arsenal of many businesses out there. However, there’s more to Slack than meets the eye.

A good feature of Slack is the ability to let developers collaborate on a single project or software using toolchains in a similar environment. This in turn results in better applications and end results for businesses as well. While the field of communication software has expanded a lot recently, Slack still serves as the king of the industry.


If you are using numerous virtual machines in your business to operate a single workflow, the Vagrant is one of the tools that you should add to your arsenal. It is a DevOps tool that is used for managing and working with said virtual machines in a single workflow, thus making management run more smoothly.

While using Vagrant, team members that have access to the solution can share the software running environment. They can also use the software to test applications faster without having to spend time on setting up configurations and settings. In most cases, these are time-consuming tasks.

To put it simply, Vagrant ensures that all members using the same software are using it under the same conditions. This is a vital solution as it can make workers be more comfortable with what they are using without having to constantly alter it for the sake of others.


When it comes to collaboration, one of the top tools used is GitHub. Using this tool, developers can make rapid iterations to a programming code. Once said changes are made, other developers working on the tool are going to be instantly notified of the changes as well.

This is a good way to help developers operate on a single project without having to make time-consuming changes along the way. GitHub is one of the most used DevOps tools out there.

Picking a DevOps tool can be a tough job considering that there are so many options available out there. However, with the right solutions and with the right idea of what you need, you can easily pick a tool that works well with your company. It can help you run your business better as well.

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