7 Must-Have Tools For Creatives In Tech

Writers, coders, and designers in the technology industry all have one thing in common: their creativity. Whether they’re working on commercial copy, designing a website, or writing code, they favor their right brain and their creative tools to get the job done. If you’re a creative in the tech industry, check out these seven must-have tools to keep the creative juices flowing and stay on the vanguard of your field.


Ommwriter is your average word processor “zenified.” This writing software makes it easy to tune out office chaos or an overactive desktop so that you can zone-in on what’s important. The sleek environment offers a simple computer writing pad completely free of distractions. Ommwriter promises you’ll “discover the bliss of single-tasking,” and was featured in Forbes, Wired, Fox News, PC World, and more. The software is for use on Mac, PC, or iPad, so you can find peace while you write no matter where you are. The price is basically up to you, as Ommwriter uses a volunteer-based price system as long as you pay more than about $5.

53 Pencil

This digital stylus for iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone is as beautiful as it is functional. The tool connects to your device so you can design lines and shapes in different thicknesses without having to adjust the settings. Make a mistake? Just like a real pencil, this stylus comes with a built-in eraser. It also ensures that if you touch your hand to your device, it doesn’t make any marks. For $59.95, grab it in walnut, graphite, or sleek gold, and make designing easy.

SwatchMate Cube

This product is like a real-life Adobe eye-dropper tool. The portable cube scans any color and sends it to your digital canvas, like the Quad HD display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, for the perfect colors in RGB, CMYK, LAB, and other color spaces. With the press of a button, the Cube captures your color, and its mobile app provides ample storage for your scans. Purchase this Kickstarter project for a little over $175 and amp up your creativity.


Developers, rejoice! The Heroku Platform is a cloud that helps you deploy and run modern apps. Use Heroku to advance your developing skills with the app-centric platform that helps with software delivery and offers some of the latest tools. Experiment with the platform for free, buy the Hobby package for more play-room, or purchase the Standard or Performance package for $24-$500/month, and wow your clients.


MindNode lets you map out all your ideas through a visual representation. Though perfect for writers, it’s also a great tool for designers and other creatives who should write out their thoughts before beginning. Or, use it for to-do lists by utilizing the highlighter, color coding system, and custom branches to make sure you stay on track with your tasks. MindNode is available for $9.99 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

FinDaFont HD

An app for your iPad or other device running iOS7 or later, FinDaFont HD has a slew of free downloadable fonts to use in your designs. For just $2.99, the app will allow you to expand your toolbox so you can achieve the font characteristics your client is looking for.

My Pocket Thesaurus

This thesaurus app for Windows is not only one of the most handy tools a writer can have, but it’s also free! Whether you’re having writer’s block or you need a grander word for what you’re trying to say, this digital thesaurus is perfect. It doesn’t have any bells or whistles, nor does it make you coffee. But it does its job, and what more could you ask?

A creative’s most important tool is his or her brain, especially in the technology industry, but additional tools can be valuable. By using them, you can improve your writing, designing, or coding skills, and create something that neither your boss nor your client can ignore. Next time you’re in a creative funk, try one or two of these innovative instruments to create some of your best work.

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