Guerilla Marketing Tactic – Mobile Sign

Here’s a smart tactic for getting 30,000 – 40,000 people to see your billboard sign every weekend for very little cost.

The other day I was driving out of a Wal-Mart parking lot and noticed a big black and white sign advertising a telephone jack installation business.

It caught my attention because of three things:

  1. It was a big sign.
  2. It was black and white.
  3. It had very few words that were written in huge fonts.
  4. It was placed in a very high traffic area.

With these four combinations, it was a very powerful, eye-catching advertisement that immediately caught my attention.

And I’m sure that it caught the attention of every person that passed by it.

Would You Like to See this Winning Sign?

This sign was so well-placed and had such attention-value that I had to take a picture of it.

When you look at it you’ll notice one very interesting aspect that I have not mentioned yet. Go take a look at it.

Here it is…


Did you notice how eye-catching it was?

Did you notice that the sign was MOBILE?

Did you notice that it was sitting in the back of a truck?

This is such a clever marketing tactic.

This man probably gets over 30,000 to 40,000 people looking at his advertisement on a weekend.

You would have to pay $400 to $500 for an advertisement insertion in the local paper with a 35,000 subscriber figure.

And only a small percentage of those 35,000 people would every see your ad.

Here’s How He Made the Sign….

Now take a close look at this photo. It will show you how he made his “back-of-the-truck” sign.


Notice how he simply purchased some plywood and pieced it together with 2×4 lumber just like you would a saw horse.

Very simple.

How Can You Use This Powerful Sign Tactic In Your Own Small Business?

You might be saying to yourself….”But I need to own a truck for this marketing tactic to work.”

Not so.

I’ve seen smart business owners rent big trailers and park them in their parking lot and place signs on them.

It works.

With a little imagination, you’d be surprised what you can put a sign on (as long as it abides by property covenants.)

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