Modern Workplace Trends: Is Your Business Keeping up with the Global Workforce?

It seems like wherever you go now, the buzz words on everyone’s lips are: The New Normal. But what does that even mean, and how is it applicable to the modern workplace?

Do you remember a time when working used to mean having to go to the place that had the equipment required to do the job? Well, those days are long gone it would seem! In recent years, and largely thanks to the Internet, of course, it has become increasingly unnecessary to go to any one place to do your job – especially in the case of knowledge workers. Being a digital nomad is all the rage! But, despite what Instagrammers would have you believe, remote working is not about sending off emails in between cocktails on a Balinese beach (as some employers might fear)!

In actual fact, and contrary to the popular belief that remote workers probably don’t work as diligently from home as they would under the watchful eye of the boss, studies have shown that remote workers are typically more productive than their traditional counterparts. They take shorter breaks, require less sick leave, and take less time off overall. And, in case you are still dubious, the majority of these remote workers actually really do work from home — not their local coffee shop, and certainly not on some tropical beach!

Collaboration and conference calls galore

Part of the reason remote working has been such a success lately, this year especially, is the ease with which employees can collaborate and participate in conferencing calls. But, with all of the options out there now, where do you begin?

Thankfully there are some excellent web reviews out there that take the guesswork out of it, by giving you detailed reviews on the best conference call service for you and your company. Knowing which conference call to go with just got a whole lot simpler! At the end of the day, however, it all comes down to choosing the tool that best serves your purpose. Fit for the purpose should be a prime consideration.

Flexibility is key

We’ve all seen the memes of workers in a suit jacket, shirt, tie, and boxer shorts. Jokes aside, remote working offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort, which in turn boosts job satisfaction in a time where employees value their work-life balance more than ever.

But it’s not just comfort and convenience that matters here. In a competitive global workforce, employees want to work for companies that value their ability to work unhindered by fixed hours, long commutes, and long hours in the office away from family or friends, working remotely significantly improves employee health by reducing stress — and especially in corona times, by limiting exposure to potentially sick coworkers.

The case for optimism

If there’s one positive thing 2020 has shown us, especially for those of us who had to endure lockdown, it is that companies who were able to switch to remote working had a clear advantage over those who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, go remote. And, interestingly enough, of those who were able to adapt, many companies not only survived this difficult time, but thrived!

The advantages of remote working do not stop at productivity, either. There are also financial advantages when you consider that companies can save on rent, office space, and overall running costs. And, as an added bonus, since remote workers don’t need to commute, carbon emissions go down too, giving companies a cleaner, more responsible image – and that can only be a highly desirable side effect!

As with anything, of course, working from home can lead to employees feeling isolated, but that too is set to be a thing of the past with co-working spaces popping up everywhere now. Remote workers can have the best of both worlds: working from home, and networking when they choose to do so.


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