Offline Advertising Tactics for Online Businesses

Internet marketing should not be your only avenue for promoting your business. Drive traffic to your site with these traditional offline marketing ideas.

Internet marketing has become so successful that many web marketers neglect other marketing opportunities. Offline channels can boost your online traffic and business. Used effectively, traditional advertising vehicles remind customers to visit your site. Even better, promoting your website offline can drive new clientele to your web business. Below are ideas every marketer should consider:

URL Return Address
Include your domain address on the bottom line of your return address on all company mailings.

URL on Packaging
Retails should include their URL on packaging. Existing customers who purchase through retail may not realize that your business has an online presence. If you ship products, invest in labeling that will include the company URL.

Business Cards
Insert a business card that details the web address in all product shipments. A coupon or discount code toward web-based purchases further increases the likelihood customers will visit the site. Nothing drives customers online better than discount!

Include the web address on each page of a presentation or conference handout. As the presentation is passed on, the company brand and web address will be reinforced.

Promotional Materials
Promotional materials and giveaways are still an effective method of advertising. Promotional items have a long shelf life and may bring in traffic over time. In addition to your logo and company name, and be sure to brand your promotional item with your web address.

Vehicles Display
the address of your web site prominently on all company vehicles. The text should be readable from a distance, so be sure to use a font that is easy to read and well-proportioned.

Help Wanted
Include your URL in any employment ads.

Include the company’s web address on any branded clothing or uniforms worn by staff or employees. This reinforces your online presence.

Internet marketing is becoming more competitive. It is not enough anymore to simply advertise online, you must be creative to attract traffic to your website.

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