Online Marketplace Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs – Start From $500 to $5000

Starting from the basics, an online marketplace is a website or an app where customers can buy products from different sellers at one platform. The owner or admin of such a website may or may not own any inventory. There’s vendors’ inventory on a marketplace that facilitates transaction between consumer and seller. What Ebay and Amazon started as disruptive model decades ago has turned into the most widespread business trend in today’s world.

Clearly this is a highly competitive space and is one of the more difficult business ideas to develop traction with. But if you can find a niche that clicks – the upside could be tremendous.  But of course like any complex and competitive business you’ve got to first learn all that you about how to start a business and then put together a really thorough business plan.

In the recent quarter, Amazon’s net income amounted to $2.5 billion, a 53% rise from the preceding quarter with $1.63 billion. Similar is the case with Chinese ecommerce marketplace Alibaba. It recorded consolidated revenues of 250.3 billion Yuan (approximately $39.9 billion).

Launching an online marketplace in the 21st century is a viable option for aspiring entrepreneurs. But they must consider several parameters before they actually launch one. Some essential parameters are:

– Idea on which you are building a marketplace
– Features to include in your marketplace
– Technology on which the marketplace will be built
– The total amount of investment required to plan, design, develop, and grow.

Coming Back to the Point

With Amazon and Alibaba taking the world by a storm, many ecommerce stores popped up to follow the trend. And why not? With majority of shopping happening over the internet these days, the odds of your business succeeding have increased multifold. People especially love shopping from a multi-vendor ecommerce website as they get better and more product and price options.

Many entrepreneurs believe launching a multi-vendor ecommerce store like Amazon might be a costly affair, but no. Find a readymade system which is built for SMBs and has all the features your business requires.

Speaking of different industries, online marketplace in itself carries a variety of business models to choose from. Let’s take a look at various businesses internet has to offer:

Rental Marketplace Idea:

The rental business in the US is predicted to reach $60 billion by 2021. The report clearly states the huge opportunity in this industry. People now prefer to make money from reusable products they own.

There are many products that are used once and left abandoned in one corner of the house later. People have now realized that these rarely used items can be rented out to users and earn extra buck from it. And, renters also prefer paying a small amount and using such products for a fixed amount of time. Renting has turned out to be among the most sought after business models lately.

Renting out old goods gives people a way to make money while someone else uses them productively. All they need is a platform to showcase their products for renters. This is exactly why online rental marketplaces have emerged as the need of the hour. There are many ways to launch this business, but opting for a readymade system such as YoRent is a viable option for new age startups.

Food Ordering and Delivery Marketplace:

By 2022, U.S. food delivery market will see a massive growth of 79%. This stat proves that there is huge opportunity available in the online food ordering and delivery sector. People now prefer to get everything delivered to their doorstep; not just common products that you get from the likes of Amazon and Ebay, but also food. Investing in this marketplace where restaurant owners can easily connect with consumers is a fruitful idea.

The website owner can easily earn revenue by deducting a set amount of commission from each online food order. There are other sources of revenue too, such as advertisements, premium membership, etc. Make sure you launch your marketplace with a system that supports all these revenue streams.

Online Travel Activity Booking Marketplace

Travel Booking is one of the leading industries with 41% of market penetration. People all around the globe travel all year round. According to a survey conducted by
29% of global travelers are comfortable with a computer planning their trip.
64% of travelers liked a virtual tour of their chosen destinations and helped them make decision.

Nowadays, travelling to a tourist destination is not the trend. People first look for activities they want to perform and then decide the destination. Instead of merely choosing a destination, travelers, especially millennials like to see what all activities they can indulge in.

There are a lot of systems that an entrepreneur can choose to launch a travel activity booking website. However, a better option would be to choose a readymade system such as FunAway to launch your online travel marketplace. It has all the features a travel enthusiast would need to launch a successful travel activity marketplace. An intuitive and user friendly website can be yours just at $999.

Gigs Marketplace Idea for Event Planners and Artists

Whether it’s a wedding, a concert or a fashion show, event planning also calls for making arrangements. Be it a musician or a clown or a party entertainer, there are many tasks for the person arranging the event. Different market players like Event Peppers and GigStart are earning profits from this business model.

It is important for entrepreneurs to partner with a feature-rich system to launch their website. This is the only way to bring great user experience on the admin, planner and artist front. Remember, people don’t buy goods or services, they buy experience.

An online gigs marketplace is all about experience. From easy browsing to quick searches to speedy bookings, your marketplace needs to do it all. VivoGigs is one such online gigs marketplace system that takes care of it all.


While discussing ecommerce business models with ecommerce experts at FATbit Technologies, we understood that an ecommerce marketplace idea is successful if the marketplace owner:

– Addresses an unresolved issue.
– Has a clear business plan.
– Knows the worth of his business
– Defines the scope
– Is willing to put customers first

FATbit team has been working with ecommerce industry for more than 13 years now. Their in-house readymade ecommerce solutions pertaining to different business models are a reflection of their in-depth knowledge of the industry. In case if any doubt, you can get in touch with them for a free consultation.

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