Promoting Your Business On-Line

Nine simple ways to promote your business on-line. Some of these ideas might be new to you. Check them out.

How are you doing, promoting your business on-line? Are you getting the word out, about what you do, and what you’re selling?

You may already be taking advantage of these simple ways to promote your business on-line. Some of these ideas might be new to you. Check them out. Make use of some of these methods we use to “expose ourselves” on-line:

1) Place paid ads.

I pay to have my ads placed in e-mail Newsletters. In my ads I usually offer one of my reports, free. I put out $30 recently and have received, this past month, over 170 responses to that ad… and another 69 to a second ad. I sent the free report to every person who requested it… and then a second e-mail with a sample of my Newsletter in it, with subscriber info!

2) Newsgroup Postings.

I post info in several Newsgroups about our Newsletter… letting readers know it’s FREE… that it contains info about interesting websites… good articles, about making MONEY from one’s HOME, etc.! I get lots of responses from those postings!

3) Send e-mails.

I see the ads of others, and send them a sample of my Newsletter. I also e-mail all those who send me e-mails. I’ve gotten several new subscribers that way! Most people don’t mind getting a Free Newsletter; something to read and enjoy, something that might benefit them. It’s different if they receive a sales-circular or a promotional brochure.

4) Trade ads with other Newsletters.

The “Opportunity Digest” has brought us about 20 new subscribers! A couple other newsletters have run our trade ad… some have listed our Newsletter with other Newsletters, and many new people subscribe from such lists!


5) Fill out forms for free listings!

I submit info about my Newsletter to anyone who wants to post the info at their site, on a list of Newsletters, or whatever. I’ve listed it at a couple “Magazine Racks” on the net! This kind of exposure is available & Free to anyone who will take advantage of it!

6) Write Articles

his one you’re reading, for example, gives readers some ideas; some things maybe you never considered, and then I usually have a short paragraph at the end of the articles, with more info about me; what I do; a free report or a free Newsletter I offer and that brings in some responses, too!

7) Subscribe to several ListServ’s

These are like subscribing to a free Newsletter… only you can post messages to the entire list… & you can add a short “signature line” with your postings. You can read the postings of others and e-mail them directly, with info about what you do that could help meet their need, etc. A good way to help others; to gain needed information and to share some of what YOU do with lots of other subscribers!

8) Chat Rooms.

Visit live chat rooms, where people are gathered and are discussing topics that I am interested in. I visit “The Writers Cafe” for example, to exchange ideas with other writers… and if I have a chance, I share with them what I do to help other writers; my monthly mailings of article to Publishers; my lists of Writers and Publishers at my site etc.

9) Search Engines.

Many will accept your submission, free of charge. You list your website, with your e-mail address. People search for certain words, so you use the words that best describe your site! The search gives them YOUR site location! Get listed with as many as possible! (A free list of the Best Search Engines and a list of the Best Newsgroups is available, and free for the asking at e-mail:

All of these methods can be employed by YOU to various degrees. These are available to most on-line business people. There are many places on-line where you can post free ads; get onto specialized mailing lists; meet other people through chat rooms,.. all to help publicize and promote your business on-line. Take advantage of them. ‘Expose Yourself’ on the Net and watch your business grow!

This article is written by Gary Christensen, a Freelance Writer and Self-Published Author of 8 Books & over 100 Original Reports. Gary’s newest Report, “150+ Locations on the Web where you can place Ads Free” and his “HomeMoney e-mail Newsletter” are both FREE for the asking at: Write: Gary Christensen, 999 N.W. Sycamore Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330 – Writers and Publishers should visit our site:

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