Study Finds Two-Way Shift in Traditional Workday Boundaries

Chances are your employees are taking care of personal business on your time. Read the report findings.

Leaving work at the office is no longer possible for many American workers, according to the November 2000 Xylo Report: Shifts in Work and Home Life Boundaries. Forty percent of employees put in overtime or take work home with them at least once a week. But apparently, it’s even harder for many workers to take care of all personal business during non-working hours. Seventy-five percent of employees take care of personal responsibilities while they are on the job, according to the report. The Xylo Report is a national survey on work/life issues conducted monthly by Wirthlin Worldwide for Xylo, Inc.

The Traditional Workday Has Expanded
The report found that people with incomes between $30,000 – 60,000 dollars per year are over three times as likely to work extra hours on a daily basis than people making less than $30,000. Of those who take work home:

  • 17 percent put in overtime or take work home with them every day
  • 15 percent put in overtime or take work home with them two to three times per week
  • 8 percent work beyond their scheduled hours once each week

According to the report, the personal responsibilities most frequently performed at work are:

  • Banking/bill paying (34 percent)

  • Phone calls (6 percent)

  • Childcare (16 percent)

  • Gift buying (5 percent)

  • Grocery shopping (12 percent)

  • Personal travel planning (3 percent)

  • Medical research (12 percent)

  • Personal entertainment planning (3 percent)

  • Making appointments (7 percent)

  • Eldercare (1 percent)

  • Personal shopping (7 percent)

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