Podcast: Making A Living Without A Job

In this episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Greatland podcast we’re going to be talking about something important to all entrepreneurs. It’s not hard work we’re afraid of, in fact we generally seek it out. The key is finding something we love to do!

Every year in Steve’s Ask An Expert column at USA Today, he covers the top trends in business for the upcoming year. These are the things you can look forward to and plan for with your business. Whether it’s in marketing, security, media, or otherwise, Steve will let you know what they are.

Then Steve interviews someone who truly changed his life. Barbara Winter is the author of Making A Living Without A Job. It’s all about finding what makes you happy and then being successful at that. She also has a wonderful website called Joyfully Jobless, which sees self-employment as “an opportunity to share our unique gifts, passions and eccentricities with others so every citizen proudly creates a one of a kind enterprise that is a perfect fit for them.” Let Barbara change your life, too!

Don’t forget, you can submit your question for an “Ask An Expert Live” segment by sending an email to theselfemployed@yahoo.com.

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Greg Nibler is the Audio Producer for the Small Business with Steve Strauss Podcast. He is a Podcaster/Producer, Actor and Voiceover Artist based in Portland, Oregon. You can see/hear more of Greg’s work at Funemployment Radio and Digital Trends.

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