Powerful Networking with an Effective Introduction

How good are you at introducing yourself at networking events? Most people try to get it over with in as few words as possible. Don’t miss this prime opportunity to not only introduce yourself, but to also differentiate yourself from your competition.

You’re sitting in a room full of eager business owners at a networking event. One by one, everyone stands up and introduces themselves, hopefully gaining the opportunity to find one or two new prospects in the crowd.

Unfortunately, most business people stink at Introductions.

Take for instance the remarks made at a recent event I attended. A hotel sales rep introduced himself and stated that his hotel offered beds, meals and meeting rooms. Oh really? How many hundreds of hotels offer that, I thought. What he said was essentially the same introduction used by all the hotel sales people in the room that day.

What if one of them had said something like this?

“Hi, my name is Bob, sales manager with Big City Hotel. Sure, we have meals and beds and meeting rooms like all the other hotels. But they don’t have Ruth, our front desk supervisor who’s been serving our guests for more than 22 years. Her only responsibility is to help you have an extraordinary stay at our hotel.”

Which hotel has the best chance to get your business? The one with meals, and beds and rooms, or the one with all that, plus a great staff.

And Bob can strengthen his relationship with his audience at the next meeting. What happens if he brings Ruth with him and lets her introduce herself during the Introductions? Talk about making an impression on the crowd! By the time the meeting is over, everyone there will be best friends with Ruth.

As good as that is, Bob isn’t done yet. He can make a bigger value statement at the next meeting. This time Bob quickly introduces himself and then plays a short recording:

“Hi, this is Tom, sales director at XYZ Company. We had our annual sales meeting at Big City Hotel a few months ago and it was the best we’ve ever had. Ruth and her staff waited on our people and took care of everything we needed. She was fantastic.”

Now that’s an Introduction. So the next time you’re attending a networking event, can you introduce your value to your audience when you introduce yourself? What is a benefit you can highlight that none of your competitors can claim? What is it you do better than everyone else?

That’s the best place to start.

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