Productivity Tip – get more done

Getting more things done is sometimes just a matter of changing your schedule.

What times of the day are you most productive? Are you raring to go early in the morning and lose steam after lunch? Do you do better work later in the day or evening? You’ll accomplish more each week, and ultimately more in life, if you are tuned into your own productivity cycle and schedule tasks accordingly.

If you’re a morning person, schedule your most difficult or challenging tasks for first thing in the morning. Use your morning hours to fine-tune your business plan, analyze sales data, plan next year’s marketing strategy, or write the presentation you’ll be giving at the trade show next month. Group and schedule routine tasks such as returning phone calls, paying bills,  and answering email for mid-afternoon when you’re less productive. If you’re an afternoon person, change your schedule accordingly.

To be sure you actually use that productive time effectively, take a few minutes at the end of each day to plan the next day’s activities. Schedule in the most challenging or pressing task as the first thing you’ll do during your productive time.  

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