Salient Features of Fleece Blankets You Should Not Miss

Looking for some comfortable, soft, and durable toppers? Why not give a try to fleece blankets? They are made from high quality fabrics & come in handy designs. Just like fleece jackets and hats, fleece blankets offer everything that one can expect from his topper. Because of the way they are constructed, they neither pill nor shed which makes them a perfect choice for the whole family.

Fleece blankets are made from different fabrics from which polar fleece is most significant. It has piles on both sides which mean the blanket will appear identical and there is no top or bottom side of it. Polar fleece blankets are very strong and durable. Moreover they are domestic washable and dry quickly. They have air pockets which hold warmth and add more thermal insulation. They are lightweight and is a great choice for winter camping.

Sherpa fleece blankets are derived from polyester or other petroleum materials which are then treated at high temperatures to create polymers and passed through various procedures to make thread and strings. These settings are then woven together to make the blankets. Napa raises the bristles on the surface of the fabric material which are then cut using a laser edge technology resulting in high quality Sherpa fleece blankets. Being derived from petroleum products they are not necessarily skin friendly. So if any of you is allergic to chemically treated fabrics he must avoid buying Sherpa fleece blankets instead opt for polar fleece ones.

Pros of fleece blankets

Fleece is a synthetic fabric and offers many benefits. The fabric was originally created for outdoor usage & making trousers and jackets for mountain climbers. It wicks away the moisture & keeps the body warm. This makes fleece an ideal choice for blankets. Have a look at the pros of fleece blankets to get more familiar with their features.

They are soft, comfortable, & premium quality blankets. They offer exceptional comfort and breathability which makes them an ideal choice for making winter blankets. They neither suffocate the user nor provide discomfort.

Thermal installation

Just type other insulating materials, fleece offers excellent insulating properties. This makes fleece suitable for blankets. It is worthy of mentioning here that they are warmer than the ordinary wool blankets & handle frostiest weathers very well. Also, bear in mind that these blankets will not insulate when they are wet.


Unlike natural materials like wool and cotton, fleece is skin friendly & less allergenic. It is breathable & helps the people suffering from respiratory disorders breathe normally. Moreover, they do not irritate the skin or cause any rashes.

Environment friendly & durable

Fleece blankets made from natural materials are soft, comfortable, and ecofriendly. They do not harm the environment & are safe to dump. They are suitable to sleep with minimum clothes & bare feet as well.

Unlike ordinary bedding items, they last longer & withstand the unfavorable conditions. They resist the wear and tear & retain their soft texture for years. In the long run, they outlast compared to your other bedding elements. So, they are worth investing.

Looks beautiful

Fleece looks luxurious & elegant, so does the fleece blanket. It looks very attractive & pleasant. This makes it the best choice for guest rooms. You can add fleece throw or blanket to the place whenever a visitor or someone special is coming to your place to get appreciation for your styling sense & choice.

Wicks away moisture & easy to maintain

They wick away the moisture and keep the user’s body dry. This is what makes them excellent when it comes to winter camping blankets. Moreover they are easy to maintain and require no special care because they absorb water fast and dry very quickly. But if you accidentally spill water or liquid on it you are advised to watch them as soon as possible before the stains get permanent.

You will be surprised to know that in spite of having moisture wicking properties they stay scented. Even if you do not dab the dam with perfume or a softener after washing they will still give a really good smell to build a romantic and refreshing mood.

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