Sell More by Making Your Service Tangible

When customers make a purchase, they want to receive something in return. If your business provides a service, you’ll sell more if you give customers something tangible to walk away with.

One of the things I learned about selling services, is you keep more customers if you find ways to make your intangible service more tangible.

Remember every purchase is a two-way exchange. If I write you a check for insurance I expect something of equal or greater value in return.

When all I get is a piece of paper with legal mumbo-jumbo, I might feel empty-handed or that I got the short end of the deal. On the other hand, if I have something I can see or feel or hear, it’s easier for me to see the tangible value of what I just bought.

This is an emotional response. Many of us tend to be visual and concrete, especially when spending money. We like to see and feel what we paid for. Even if the intangible thing we bought was a smart purchase, it still helps if we have a visual reminder of where the money went.

This is true for insurance, financial businesses, professionals, advertising, non-profits, membership organizations, and even government agencies.

In my former business we added “tangibility” in a few ways. We gave away coffee mugs to our customers. We sent them articles and newsletters that had marketing tips. We hosted marketing workshops.

This is why you might get a big road atlas from your insurance agent. Or you might get flowers or a gift basket from your financial planner. Thank you notes are a tangible way of showing the value your customer has received.

The more things you do to add tangible feel to your service, the more your customers and clients will see (and feel) the value in doing business with you.

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