Strategies for Finding the Right Talent for Your Business

“The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” 

– Bill Gates, Microsoft

When one of the world’s top business magnates says something, you might want to listen.

Hiring the best/smartest candidate is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects that determines the success of any organization. True, all of us are aware of it but what most recruiters want to know is how to hire the best candidate.

Every time you are told to source a candidate for a particular post, you find yourself at crossroads. How and where to start your smart search?

If you share the same feeling and want to get your hands on simple yet super-effective tips to source the best candidate, then this article is exactly what you are looking for.

Tip #1: Know what you want

Starting with the basics, you need to know what type of candidate you actually want. Most people start sourcing candidates for the job opening with just the generic job details. In order to source the best candidate for a particular job, it becomes essential that you put in some extra effort to have a deeper insight into the job profile for which you are making the search.

It is always better to talk to the people under whose guidance the person will work to feed your sourcing process with the right blend of knowledge and expertise.

Tip #2: Don’t satiate your talent hunt in the initial phase

It is a known fact that not every recruiter is able to find the right talent in the initial phase of his or her talent sourcing. You need to search more. Don’t end your candidate sourcing process after going through 5 or 10 resumes. Dig a little deeper. Remember, you want nothing but the best for your organization, even if it takes a bit longer to get the right candidate.

Instead of using the FIFO (First In First Out) sourcing method, you should try the BIFO (Best In First Out) methodology to source the right candidate. Analyze a number of candidates to find the best one.

Tip #3 Be a good interviewer

Interviews are, undoubtedly, the most important part of the job search process. According to a study from Glassdoor, a leading recruiting site, for every job opening, a company gets around 250 resumes. This makes it indispensable for you to have extraordinary interview skills to filter out the right candidate from this number.

Prepare a questionnaire to unveil the hidden aspects of the candidate. In fact, you should use practical approaches in your interviews too. Don’t be afraid to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills.

Tip #4: Try social sourcing

According to Jobvite, around 92% of recruiters use social media to source the right candidate. While some use the new Facebook tool like Graph Search in their recruitment process, others can be seen using various other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Outlook, Snapchat, etc.

You can also check the social media account of the probable candidate, as it tells a lot more about them.

Tip #5: Post captivating job advertisements

While you are busy searching talent for your organization, other candidates out there may be going through the various job portals, reviewing which company to apply for. If you have not posted a captivating advertisement on these portals, then chances are that a potential candidate may just overlook your job posting.

Also, post an engaging advertisement on social media, as many job seekers look on various social platforms for their job search.

Tip #6: Try out referral programs

There is a saying in the recruitment world, “Top talents know other top talents.” If you are proud of your existing team and want someone who works like them, then try out referral programs. If your employees are good and talented, they will definitely have a circle of people sharing the same characteristics.

Encourage your best talent to refer their friends or acquaintances for your organization and offer added benefits if they refer the person you end up hiring.

Tip #7: Keep track of the entire process

One of the most important tips for sourcing the right candidate is to monitor the recruitment process and analyze and optimize it at every step. Keeping track of the hiring process will help you improve and incorporate important features in your job search.

With the data that you store, you will know how many applications you usually need before you find the right candidate, where you need to search, where to work on, and other important things.

It’s no secret that the world is changing. Technology has made it easier than ever before to work remotely and from almost anywhere in the world, but what does this mean for traditional office environments? The truth is, many companies are struggling to find employees with the right skill set to fill a variety of roles, and as a result, they’re having trouble retaining workers too. This article will explore four strategies you should try if you want your company to stay relevant in today’s market!

Tip #8: Find new applicant sources

When your candidate pool is bigger than ever, it can be difficult to find the best talent. It has become increasingly common for companies to seek employees from new sources instead of just waiting for the perfect candidate to show up. To find these sources, try taking a look at recruiting services, local businesses around you, talent CRM tools and software, and organizations that are congruent with your company’s values. This can give your bottom line more options when they’re looking for new hires.

Sometimes finding great workers can seem like a daunting task. Hiring managers know that they need to find new talent for their companies, but sometimes the best talent slips through the cracks. This is where using an agent or recruiter service can be beneficial. You pay money to have your job posted on a site that specializes in this type of work, and you will receive reviewed resumes of qualified applicants within 24 hours.

Tip #9: Ensure your company is a desirable place to work

One of the best ways you can attract new candidates is by making sure your company is seen as a desirable place to work. If people want to apply for a job at your organization, they’re more likely to stick around longer and do their best work when they get there.

A few things that will help you stand out from the crowd include offering professional development opportunities or flexible hours/schedules if employees have other commitments that prevent them from working in traditional 9-5 office environments.

In addition, creating a fun and open environment where ideas are encouraged within teams should also be something you look to offer so potential workers know what type of culture it is before accepting an interview.

One of the most common reasons people don’t stick around at a job for very long is because they’re unhappy with what they can do there. If your company doesn’t offer the right type of environment to meet an employee’s personal goals, then that employee may leave after just a few months or years on the job. When thinking about how to keep your employees happy, be sure to provide them with opportunities for growth and development so they’ll stay motivated for the long haul.

Tip #10: Communicate in a clear, open manner

Communication is key when it comes to building strong relationships both inside and outside of the workplace. Employees who feel as though they are being included in important matters will be more likely to stay with your company for a longer period of time.

Communicating openly and honestly about what your expectations are for new hires can help them understand what is expected of them going forward. In addition, companies should always keep an open door policy so employees feel as though they have an outlet if they ever need to speak with upper management or their team.

Organizations that want to improve their retention rates should provide new employees with a smooth, positive transition into the company. Having an organized onboarding process is essential because it will give your team and teammates a better idea of what to expect from each other and how they can work together more effectively.

Tip #11: Look internally before you look externally

In today’s market, there are so many potential workers out there that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start when it comes to hiring. The best place to start is by looking internally. Before you begin advertising open positions, check to see if there are any current employees that might be interested.

Not only will this keep your team united, but it can also help you quickly find the right talent for your company, which means less time spent on recruiting and interviewing. When you’re ready to expand or need new ideas, engage with the community around your organization, make connections at local colleges or universities so students know where they can apply after graduation.

It’s time to use these tips and delve into your recruitment process. Incorporate them effectively to become a smart recruiter.

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