Why Cyber Security Should Matter to Your Business

Cyber criminals wouldn’t try to hack your small business, right? Wrong – and if your business does become the victim of a cyber attack, so will your customers. Here’s why you should be concerned about cyber security no matter how small your business is.

At the moment, almost nothing seems secure. Cybersecurity is a huge issue right now, and it looks like it will only get bigger. It’s crazy and it’s dangerous and burying your head in the sand won’t help. Here’s why you should care:

It can happen to you – and your clients. You can easily end up a victim even if you just don’t believe it can happen to you. But guess what? You have customers. So if it happens to you, then it happens to them. And they will know it’s because it happened to you. Meaning, in their eyes, you let it happen. Ouch. Few things will cause you to lose customers faster than giving away their personal information. I know you didn’t give it away, but you didn’t fully protect it either.

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It’s in the news everywhere. Now is the best time and most important time to care. If you think the concept of copycat crimes is crazy then you are in complete denial. It’s a lonely deep web person’s 15 minutes of fame. They steal your stuff and they’ve accomplished something cool. So you should care because as more of those sad individuals are successful and gaining publicity for it, more will do it. But on the flip side, that also means more individuals and organizations will be rising on the side of good to help you do something about it. Be careful as you weed through the potential solution providers – Joe doing it out of his basement still might be on the side of wrong. And it will never be perfect. Just as a hole in security is being patched, someone is working very hard to get past it.

It’s a matter of trust. It boils down to how much do you value your clients and how much does your business mean to you? You work hard to build a reputation, a client base, and a business that consistently delivers to your valued customers. It’s hard work – no doubt about it. It’s not luck. Something may happen that gains you exposure and customers quickly like an article or an award from a local survey of you and your competition. But that doesn’t mean you were an overnight success – I’m sure that concept would make you laugh. Business shooting up overnight after you’ve sweated over it for 20 years says it was neither luck nor overnight success. However, one good security breach that compromises your service or your customers’ confidence and trust can bring your business down very quickly. It would be nice to blame it on a stroke of bad luck, but the real reason would be your own failure to act in advance on the risk of a cyber security breach. Bad luck? No, not really. Just poor planning.


So, should you be worried about security? Absolutely. Are you going to do something about it? I hope so. Personally, I’m just about as bad as everyone else who thinks it won’t happen to them. But recent developments have made me re-think the entire security concept, and I don’t have sensitive customer data stored anywhere. Do something about cybersecurity – the time is now. You haven’t been affected yet. Keep it that way.

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