How to Spend Your Morning Like a Successful Entrepreneur

Now is as good an opportunity as any to talk about what successful entrepreneurs do in the morning. Morning routines set the tone for the rest of the day, so what you do when you wake up and have that cup o’ Joe is important. Here are a few tips on how to spend your morning like an entrepreneur.

Wake up Early

Hopefully you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep the night before because getting up early in the morning is a good idea for anybody who wants to get a jump on the day. A lot of entrepreneurs say they’re up by 5am, even if they don’t have to commute into an office.

Mornings are a great time to concentrate and get things done without distractions. Along those lines, you should avoid distractions in the morning. You can read the news or check social media later. Let morning be a time to collect your thoughts and set goals for the day before the chaos begins.

Do Something Healthy

Whether it’s a full workout or just walking the dog, early-morning, pre-work exercise is good for your body and for your mind. Generally speaking, your body wakes up ready to go and winds down over the course of the day, so morning is a great time to energize with some physical activity and not feel exhausted afterward.

Another early-morning option is meditation. This can take many forms, of course, but taking 10 or 15 minutes every day to center yourself—whatever you think that means—can be refreshing and revitalizing. Just don’t fall back to sleep.

Finish the Hardest Work First

There’s always something you dread doing. Maybe it’s a daily practice, or maybe it’s a specific thing that you have to accomplish on a particular day. Get it done as soon as you start work in the morning. Not only will you have it out of the way for the rest of the day, you’ll also do it at a time when you’re at your sharpest.

Ideally, days should more or less wind down from morning to afternoon. Sure, emergencies will crop up and random times, and it’s not always possible to schedule difficult meetings or other arduous tasks to start the day. But if you can do the work you most dread in the morning, you’ll do it more effectively and then have the rest of the day to deal with it should a problem arise.

Be Sociable

If you have employees, go around to each one every morning and say hello. Have a brief chat if you have time. If you work at home or are alone most of the day, make a habit of dropping into a coffee shop and chatting with the staff there, or make a friend at the gym on along your dog-walking route.

Social isolation is unhealthy and a real problem for many entrepreneurs. Use the morning as a time to connect with people and remind both them and yourself that we’re all human and need each other’s companionship.

If you want to spend your morning like a successful entrepreneur, make it count. Work that cup of coffee into a healthy routine, and set a positive tone for your day—and for your business. staff

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