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I am the founder of “I Am In” project. This is my personal online project that means a lot to me. My ambition is to create a social network that would help people achieve their goals and develop good habits.

Stanislav Chernyakov




What design products did you need?

Branding is the first thing that grabs a customer’s attention. If you manage to make a customer curious, you win. Branding can make a product recognizable. In customers’ minds, branding associates your business with a certain mission, history, values, and characteristics. This is why it’s important to create a memorable and legible branding that would have a deep meaning and stand out from the crowd.

What did you like about ZenBusiness?

With ZenBusiness, you can create a vector logo in just 10 minutes. It will look simple yet effective. I liked ZenBusiness’s efforts to educate their audience on graphic design and branding. Also, I’ve read ZenBusiness’s book on how to create a smart branding/logo for companies and projects. I found out lots of interesting stuff! Great job!

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