Staying Connected During A Strain In The Economy

Staying at home during the quarantine to protect ourselves from the effects of the coronavirus is a safe solution, but it can leave a lot of us feeling listless, cut off from the rest of the world, and bored. If you are experiencing these feelings, you are not alone.

According to reports from the American Psychological Association, social isolation also carries several health risks. Feeling isolated can lead to poor sleep, poor cardiovascular health, lower immunity, depressive symptoms, and impaired regular function. When your regular function skills are damaged, you may find it more challenging to focus, manage your emotions, remember information, and follow directions. Have you started to feel like every day is like that movie, Groundhog Day? You’re certainly not alone. Many people are also saying they too feel these effects.

However, this time you now have on your hands could be the time to start a new project or passion you have always put on the backburner. Many people would like to own their own business, but they simply do not have the startup capital to do so. Have you ever wanted to be your own boss while you work to create the company that makes the income you bring in for yourself on your own time?

The gig economy was thriving before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, and it continues to employ many workers in it. However, many individuals do not wish to risk not social distancing at this time for many reasons, which is entirely understandable. A compromise is available in companies like Younique, the direct-sales cosmetics company.


Younique was founded by Melanie Huscroft and Derek Maxfield, a brother and sister team from Utah, in September 2012. Since its inception, the company has focused its efforts on empowering women across the world through entrepreneurial efforts and its commitment to its nonprofit organization, The Younique Foundation, which helps women across the world heal from childhood and adolescent sexual abuse.

Younique’s history fits with the current environment of people visiting with each other over social media and web calls. They are the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media. The company’s Younique Virtual Parties bridged the world of social media and the traditional home party business model. A Younique Virtual Party had no limits to who a Presenter could reach or who you could invite. With this innovation, the traditional home party is not even necessary. Younique says that they encourage Presenters to tap into their resources and connections that they already have. According to the company, hosting a Younique Party is as easy as sharing a link.

This year, Younique revised their original YOUNIQUE virtual party platform. Now, according to the company, Rewards Links give Younique Presenters and customers a more straightforward, more natural way to use their influence and share Younique.

Younique Products

Younique’s flagship series of products are their series of lash products. From the MOODSTRUCK EPIC lash primer to the MOODSTUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara, the products are popular enough to have made it into publications like InStyle. What I like about using the products is how user-friendly they are. I do not consider myself someone who keeps up with all of the latest techniques in makeup, and yet I could easily follow the instructions to create long lashes that are full of volume and intensity. I tend to use the MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara in brown for everyday use, and I enjoy wearing the EPIC 4D formula when I want to create drama in my look.

Younique’s line of makeup removers also works well for me. I have sensitive skin and have a hard time using many over-the-counter makeup wipes and cleansers. I found that the YOUOLOGY cleansing cloths do not strip away essential elements from my skin and are not harsh like other makeup removers. Also, I like using the YOUOLOGY liquid makeup remover on my eye makeup, even though I am always skeptical about trying removers around my eyes since many brands make that sensitive area burn. I like this formula, however, and will continue using it to remove stubborn mascara and eyeliner from the day.

New Presenter Kit

The YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit is available for new Younique Presenters and is curated with some of the company’s most popular products, from mascaras to lipsticks and skincare. The starter kit includes 15 best-selling products that Younique says help discover the best of the brand. The box costs $99 but is valued at $488.

The YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit grants Younique Presenters access to early cosmetic and digital product launches, exclusive bundles and product pricing, and other rewards, according to the company.

Rewards on Repeat

In this uncertain time, if you’re looking for something to pass the time while starting something for yourself, think about jobs that keep you safe while keeping your mind active. During this campaign from Younique, you can get started in an inexpensive setup from the comfort of your house while you make connections and start earning extra income.

During Younique’s Rewards on Repeat campaign, new Presenters will receive $25 in Y-CASH credit that can be used towards more products from the company. Younique says that they will also receive a Rewards Link preloaded with 100 points that will also go toward more Y-Cash. When presenters qualify their link, they will earn at least another $20 in Y-CASH credit, according to Younique.

According to information from Younique’s website, Presenters can customize your link to send shoppers to your favorite landing page. These pages help them get more purchases by linking your shoppers directly to our best sellers. When your link qualifies, you’ll start earning Y-CASH credit to spend on more Younique products.

When you purchase the kit from April through July, Younique says that you’ll also receive a half-qualified Rewards Link. When you qualify your Rewards Link with an additional 100 points, you’ll start earning 10% of the sales in Y-CASH credit. The more that’s purchased through your link, the more you’ll receive, Younique states. Create your Rewards link in one click, then set it to your preferred landing page and share it on social media. You’ll earn points for every purchase made through your link over the next ten days. Once your Rewards Link reaches 200 points or more, you’ll receive 10% Y-CASH credit on the total points.

According to information from Younique, anyone can share Rewards Links, and when they become qualified, they will earn Y-CASH credit, both customer and Presenter alike. Additionally, certain groups will be eligible to participate in monthly and campaign-long perks. This includes everyone who buys a YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit. The company encourages presenters to check in each month to see what perks are available to them.

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