Steps To Starting Your Own Employee Leasing Business

An employee leasing company helps other organizations by managing their responsibilities for them and reducing the need of several HR team members. Small businesses might hire an employee leasing organization to reduce their costs and let the professionals handle their tasks for them, in a proficient manner.

If you are planning to build an employee leasing company, then it is a very smart decision to make. Many people have started such organizations and have become highly successful too. However, you must follow the right steps to gain success as it is not easy to build and manage it. Thus, here are some basic steps to starting your own employee leasing business, in the right way.

1. Business Plan:

Before you dive into the legal matters, it is important to have your business plan. Why are you building this business? What is your aim? Which types of companies do you want to help? You must have a clear idea about what you are aiming for and how you intend to run your organization.

2. Registration:

Once you know all the whereabouts, it is important to register your business. There are various online legal documentation services. Research about the ones available in your location. Registering your organization with your state. Never function without proper registration. Filing your business is very crucial.

3. License:

The next step is to get your license. Consult with your state’s licensing authorities and get in touch with them to understand the laws properly. The licensing authorities will let you know whether your business needs a license or not. Registration is crucial but license has a lot of other liabilities. Thus, check in with them.

4. Get an Office:

You will need an office. A professional office is very important as it sets your reputation. You can choose a good office space that ranges between 650-850 square feet. A small office will do but make sure that you have enough space to accommodate a good team in it. As social distancing is important in these times, you will certainly need some good space.

5. Create a Niche:

The area of service that you choose, must be defined further. Thus, do choose a niche. It is important to stand out in the tough competition. When you specify yourself by developing a niche. It will help you target a certain market and handle the required people. This way, you will also hire people who are skillful in the required niche. It will make your organization more professional. You will be able to cut through the competition smartly.

6. Build your network:

Building a business network is very important. The key to success for all businesses is their network. You must take part in job and career fairs. This helps you interact with potential job seekers and other employers too. It is important that you keep your business cards along with you too. You must spread out your business cards amongst people in the job fair.

7. Build your team:

Find candidates that suit your requirements and are suitable for the niche you pick. Make sure that you look for competent and skilful people. You have to make sure that you do a proper candidate research and choose the right people for your company.


Building an employee leasing business from scratch requires a lot of effort, just like all other companies. Make sure that you invest time and put a lot of effort in starting the company. Also, your team must be very competent, so make sure that you hire skilful people as they will be making your business stand out.

By: Aimee Cohen

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