Rental Business Ideas to Start From Home

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rental business ideas

Looking for rental business ideas? Here are the most profitable ways to start making money in the rental industry.

Companies that lease equipment are excellent business opportunities because they generate recurring income, and have typically lower capital start-up costs and high-profit margins. Also, they are great as a side business to work part-time, out of your home, while working full-time at your day job. Ready to get your business started?

Rental businesses can either lease, for a long period of months or years, or rent for short time such as days or weeks, items that are needed on a temporary basis such as tools, construction equipment, tables and chairs for weddings, dishes, kitchenware, bicycles baby furniture and more!

Each new business rental idea has tips for expanding your offerings to increase profits.

Keep reading to get the best ideas to launch a rental business yourself:

List of Rental Business Ideas

Room rentals

You could rent a single room in your house for a recurring rental income. It could be that a small amount of investment in changing your home’s layout could yield a space ideal for rent. Rent it out either on a year-round or as a vacation rental.

Short-term rentals for visitors on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is a profitable business opportunity. Here is how to get started with this rental business idea. 

Apartment rental broker

This business model is not the renting of physical equipment but acting as an agent to help people find apartments, homes or office space to rent.

By creating relationships and mutually beneficial contracts with landlords who are seeking suitable tenants you can then offer these apartments to tenants that you qualify and receive a commission when they sign the lease.

The same business model could be used for houses, beach houses, key chalets, office space, manufacturing warehouses, and garage shop space.

Here are some resources to help you get started in the residential real estate rental business:

Campsite rental

Do you have extra land around your home that you could rent for campsites? Start a profitable campground on your land. Or perhaps you have an area you could rent to a tiny home owner who could park their home on your land and pay you a monthly fee.  List your parking space on this site to market it to tiny homeowners. 

Land rental

Rent you land to hunters, campers, hikers, scouting troops or farmers and make money from your acreage. You can post your land lease for hunters on this site. 

Got some vacant land? Here’s how you can use it:

Office space rental

If you own property near a shopping center or office complex you could rent part of it for a business location. Alternatively, if you have an office building with an extra room you could utilize that to make money by renting to an individual worker – a solopreneur, remote worker in a coworking situation. 

Or you could rent your conference room or other organization meetings. How about considering renting out your staff to answer phones or be available to other businesses for administrative work.

Artificial plants

Realistic-looking faux trees and flowers can be expensive. As such businesses, hotels and restaurants don’t want to purchase these items but do want them for decoration. Here is your business opportunity to rent these artificial plants at a profit. Holiday trees and decorations are especially popular.  Don’t forget the wedding rental market.

Animal rentals

Yes even animals can be rented. Do you have ponies that could be rented for children’s birthday parties? Are you a bird lover and can you rent out your beloved white doves to be released at weddings?  These are just a few of the creative ways that you could rent out your animals.

Garage Rental

Many businesses and individuals have large items they need to store such as antique cars, boats, RVs, materials, and store inventory.  Make money by renting out space for large-item storage.

In addition to exterior storage in garages and warehouses, you could also offer interior storage in your basement or home. Climate controlled storage demands higher fees because people can store delicate items such as art, collectibles, fine furniture, and musical instruments.

Storage Rental

The business of renting mobile storage units or pods which are dropped off in front of a residence or business is highly profitable and in-demand. Also, the rental of mini storage units or lockers is also trending. You don’t need to have a dedicated storage facility to make money from renting storage space. Look around. Perhaps your office, home or warehouse has some areas that you can rent to businesses or individuals to store inventory or materials.

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Wedding rental equipment

This in-demand service rents equipment and furniture to stage weddings outdoors, in residential backyards and at party venues. You can either solely rent equipment or also offer wedding planning services to augment your income.

Startup investment for this business idea can be substantial since most weddings exceed 100 guests. The types of items most rented for weddings include; tables, chairs, tablecloths, silverware, plates, and glasses.

Some resources for event and party businesses:

Party rentals

Here you would rent a variety of items for different kinds of special events ranging from children’s birthday parties to corporate conferences. In addition to expected items such as tables and chairs, you can generate profits with bounce houses, play slides, photo booths, sound system equipment, and specialized party decorations.

Increase your income by offering additional services, of which you could subcontract out to other companies, such as balloon arches, DJ music services and entertainment such as clowns, singers and educational speakers.

Party decorations

Large parties require equipment that you could rent including tents, catering equipment such as chafing dishes, cake stands and serving implements. Don’t forget the dance floor or a fashion runway. Brides often want a floral archway to decorate the altar.

Photo booths are a fun and profitable item for your rental business. Other options include chocolate fountains, fondue pots, games and photo backdrops. Read about how to start a party rental business from the professionals. 

Learn How to Start a Photo Booth Business

Parade floats

Annually many communities stage commemorative parades that require decorative floats. Most businesses and organizations don’t have the resources nor creative ability to design and build their own floats. Your business could customize floats and rent them for the season. After the parade, you can stripe them down and redecorate with a different theme for another float rental customer.

Bounce houses

Children’s birthday parties don’t seem to be complete without the fun of a bouncing castle. These items are always in demand and fairly easy to store and set up at each party location.

Rent Cartoon characters & Stand Up Photos

Try renting inflatable or stationary images of favorite characters such as Mickey Mouse, Shrek, and others. Adult events want to rent celebrity cutouts for photo backdrops. Vintage images such as Marilyn Monroe and Batman are in demand and are unique items to include in your party rental business. People love to take selfies for memories of their special event.

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Costumes – Theatrical and Masquerade

Theater companies are always looking for costumes to rent for their different productions. Also, people want to rent costumes for Halloween or masquerade balls to impress their friends. Build your inventory of clothing at thrift stores. 

Props and sets

Expanding your rental business by offering theatrical props and stage sets to your customers. Props are big business. 

Popcorn machine rental

Popcorn machines are in demand at special events, festivals, and concerts where families gather. You can rent either just the equipment or also sell popcorn making supplies and also a person to operate the machine to make additional income.

Other types of party related equipment such as chocolate fountains and bubble machines could augment this business idea

Learn How to Start a Vending Machine Business

Movie rentals & equipment.

The trend towards outdoor theaters is strong. Here’s an opportunity for you to rent out projection equipment and movie screens for either outdoor or indoor use. Another option would be to rent movies to individuals – remember this is how Netflix got started. Files in a specialty niche would be successful. I know of a company that rents how-to videos for sewers that are doing well.

Portable toilet rental

There are many instances where a portable toilet is needed that you could rent out as a business. Your customers could be party organizers with outdoor events, wedding planners, construction sites, homeowners during remodeling, outdoor art shows, festival organizers and rock concerts.

Photo equipment rental

Aspiring photographers often rent expensive equipment for particular projects and to reduce their business set-up costs. Also with the explosive growth of video marketing many businesses require the use of video equipment creating a lucrative opportunity for your rental business. Include camera accessories such as lenses and tripods in your rental offerings to increase your income.

More photography business ideas here:

Sound equipment rental

Another in-demand equipment rental niche is sound recording equipment. Your customers would include music bands, singers, actors, podcasters and audiobook authors.  Plus video production companies require sound equipment and could be your customers. Another aspect of this business is sound editing and selling audio files to stock houses.

Bike rentals

Bikes are trending for both entertainment and commuting needs. Almost all large cities now have rental bike stations for commuters to travel around both inexpensively and environmentally friendly.

Capitalize on this trend by setting up rental bike stations in your small town, near public transportation depots and tourist attractions. You can also add bike tour services for visitors or bike training sessions for new or returning cyclists. plus you could stage bike safety classes for children and parents in your local community.

✔ Start a bicycle rental business with these resources:

Electric bikes

Many people want to try the new electric style bikes so you could rent them for trial before they purchase. Other people just want to experience the fun of traveling by electric bike.

Children’s bikes

Children grow up so quickly and outgrow bicycles fast. You could rent bicycles to children of different ages and allow them to trade up as they transition from one bike size to the next. Expand your rental business with sales and rentals of bike accessories such as safety helmets, bells, lights, and baskets.

Stroller rentals

Parents of small children appreciate the option of renting a stroller in shopping centers, busy urban areas, and tourist destinations. Offer rentals of various types of strollers including small lightweight ones, double strollers, electric and rugged outdoor hiking strollers.

Scooter rentals

Scooters for fun and transport are both good ideas for rentals. Consider the novelty of renting a Segway, moped or other types of unique transportation items.

Toy rentals

Think about renting toys that are expensive, quickly played with and put aside and difficult to store. These can include small electric cars, skateboards, archery kits, and other trending items. Check out this guide on how to start a toy rental business. 

Construction Equipment rentals

All construction projects require a great variety of machines and tools to complete the job well. Many smaller contractors do not have the budget to buy all of the necessary machinery nor do they have an ongoing need for such specialized types of equipment. This is your opportunity to rent out specialized tools for high profits due to monthly, not just daily rental fees.

Many types of equipment such as excavating, landscaping, masonry, and painting can be rented out as your new business.

Landscape and gardening equipment

Homeowners, gardening enthusiasts, and landscape entrepreneurs are all looking for landscaping equipment to rent. Popular items include lawnmowers, edgers, thatchers, grass seeders, and rototillers. Expand your business by also renting snow removal equipment such as snow blowers and plows.

✔ Useful resources for starting a landscaping business:

Tool rental

Many homeowners are working on DIY projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations but don’t own the specialized tools required.  Rent them the tools they need such as drills, saws, tile saws, and floor sanders. Equipment and tools to finish floors are amongst the most popular according to the Home Depot rental department. Small business builders can also be your customers.

Dumpster rental

Trash is evergreen and always in demand business. While not glamorous it can be extremely profitable. You could rent dumpsters to homeowners or businesses by delivering them to their location, and picking them up when full then disposing of the contents.

Additionally, you can make further income by selling the items disposed of in your dumpster if they have a resale value such as scrap metal. Add to your bottom line by including moving services, storage, and delivery services, professional organizing, and cleaning.

Generator rentals

This relatively new business model is growing rapidly due to high market demand. While large companies and public institutions such as hospitals have their own backup generators, most small businesses, which comprise over 95% of all businesses in America, have no generator to keep them operating during power outages. Also, most of these companies are not technically oriented and do not want the expense and, hassle to set up generators.

Another source of customers are residences, especially those with elderly and or sick people because they need to have various medical equipment continue to function during power outages.

Event organizers also want access to generators to keep their parties going when the power is out for is nonexistent power at secluded outdoor locations.

Apparel rentals

This age-old business continues to be a strong commercial option for your new business. People want to rent clothing that is expensive yet often only worn once. These types of garments include evening attire, gowns, and dresses, tuxedos, costumes for masquerade parties or drama productions and vintage clothing for reenactment events.

✔ Learn How to Be Successful in The Clothing Industry

Wedding dress rentals, including the dreaded bridesmaid’s dresses, are now trending upwards.

Your initial investment could be lower than other types of rental businesses because you can often obtain these garments at bargain prices, with some bargain-hunting online, or at thrift shops and consignment stores.

  • Wedding dress rentals
  • Tuxedo rentals
  • Formal Wear rentals
  • Prom dress rentals
  • Evening gown rentals
  • Fur coat rentals
  • Fine jewelry rentals
  • Designer accessory rentals including handbags
  • Theatrical costume rentals
  • Masquerade costume rentals
  • Promotional costume rentals for businesses – characters and mascots

Offshoots of this business can include custom-designed clothing creation, alterations, and refashioning of clients’ existing garments.

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Vehicle rental

Car rental both for tourists or for people whose cars are being repaired or is an excellent business idea. In large cities there are national car rental chains, however, in many small towns, there is nowhere to rent a car and thus your business opportunity is waiting.

You can rent out a fleet of late-model standard vehicles or specialty vehicles such as sports cars, vintage autos, motorcycles, trucks and moped scooters, and even ATVs and snowmobiles!

  • Exotic car rentals
  • Limousine Rentals
  • Party bus rentals
  • Trolley car rentals
  • Antique car rentals Four Weddings and proms
  • Horse carriage rentals
  • Electric car rentals
  • Moped scooter rentals
  • RV recreational vehicle rentals
  • Camping trailer rentals
  • Trailers to haul boats and cars
  • Race car trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Animal crates and haulers
  • Truck rentals
  • Dump truck rentals
  • Forklift rentals
  • Mobile bars
  • Food trucks
  • Popcorn carts
  • Mobile salons and barbershops

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Boat rental

Most people and businesses do not own their own boat thus there is a large market for boat rentals. Fishing charters tours and party boats offer lucrative business opportunities. You could also rent your pleasure craft to individuals for a days recreation. A marina near me rents boats on an hourly basis for families to enjoy and is always sold out in the summertime.

Medical equipment rental

As America’s population ages, more of our citizens need medical equipment to help heal and improve their lives. The greatest opportunities are in the South East and West regions of the United States due to a larger number of retired and elderly individuals.

You can rent directly to consumers or to commercial entities such as hospitals, nursing care facilities, physicians and other healthcare companies.

Furniture rental

You can rent office furniture to either big or small businesses such as conference room tables, chairs, desks, filing cabinets and more. Many companies find it easier to rent furniture than having to purchase it outright.

Homeowners also want to rent furniture for out-of-town guests or to stage their house when it is on the market. Another growing market is the short term rentals such as Airbnb for rental furnishings. Research local restaurants and interior designers for more sale opportunities. Often home builders and housing developers rent entire homes of furniture for their model homes to show prospective buyers.

Be creative and offer portable hot tubs, outdoor fire pits and waterbeds as part of your unique and interesting furniture rental line inventory.

Baby furniture leasing and rental business

Many homeowners want to accommodate visiting infants and want to rent child beds, highchairs, and strollers.

In fact, in my area which has a lot of visitors during the summer months, a very successful company rents baby equipment to tourists.

Sports equipment rental

With the ever-rising price of sports equipment and the shifting desires of both children and adults, this business can be a gold mine.

Whether for school, leisure or travel rent your customers ice skates, rollerblades, snowboards, skis, hockey equipment, surfboards, kayaks, and canoes. Also, fitness enthusiasts may want to rent exercise machines such as treadmills on a monthly basis. Adding camping equipment to our inventory can further expand your company.

Golf equipment

Golf is an expensive sport. As such, there is a market for rental of golf clubs, specialty putters, beginner’s golfer sets, golf carts, golf bags, and apparel.

Skiing equipment

Skiing is a seasonal business. So you could rent items to skiers for their ski vacations such as skis, boots, binding, clothing, gloves, and goggles.

Camping equipment

Camping requires a lot of equipment that most people do not own. Rent out tents, sleeping bags, and camp cooking gear.


Fisherman require a lot of specialty items. Additionally, particular regions and waterways require different rods and reels that fishermen may not own.

Water sports

Make money and have fun too by renting water sports equipment such as jet skis, surfboards, wakeboards, water skis, paddleboards, paragliders, and windsurfing equipment.

ATV & Snowmobile Rentals

Outdoor enthusiasts love to explore on ATVs and snowmobiles. Start a business renting recreational vehicles including motorcycles and dirt bikes.

Musical instrument rental

When children want to learn to play a musical instrument most parents do not want to buy an expensive instrument that may go unused quickly. Instead, they would prefer to rent a violin, flute or guitar from your company. Expand your business by also offering instrument rent to purchase programs, music lessons, and special concerts.

Further, develop this your company by offering repair services for musical instruments. You do not necessarily need to know how to repair instruments yourself you could subcontract this business to a professional instrument repair shop.

Here is how to start a musical instrument rental business. 

Computers Rentals – Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets

With today’s digital powered world computer rentals are hot. Small businesses need additional equipment for conferences and large business meetings. Individuals and students need loaner equipment when their computers are broken.

Also, some people want to try out computer equipment before they buy or just need a laptop for their semester. Remember that mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are also a lucrative business opportunity in this rental market.

Home decor rental

An excellent rental business example of this type is holiday lights installation services. Here you would install decorative lighting around your customer’s home and charge them both for your labor and the rental cost of the holiday decorations.

Why not expand this into year-round decorations including Halloween and July 4 patriotic decor.

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