The Advantages Of Hiring Millennials

We’ll admit: Millennials have generally gotten a bad rap from the press and what people tend to hear. Ask people what they think of millennials, and they usually have an impression of a bunch of lazy, entitlement-minded slackers. We’re here to tell you, though, that that’s just not the case!

When you hire millennials, you get young people who are full of energy, idealism and a real desire to make an impact on the world around them. This is a far cry from what the press always reports. So the next time that you’re thinking of passing up the next millennial who comes looking for a job, think again.

Here are the advantages of hiring them.

They Know Technology Like Nobody’s Business

One thing that you can’t deny is that millennials are very savvy when it comes to technology. This is the generation that’s practically raised on tech gadgets like iMacs and smartphones and social media. If your company is in a technology bind, then consider hiring these tech-savvy millennials.

If you’re unsure of how to sync your company’s devices, build out its social media profile, or just do some wireless printer, chances are that millennials will be able to figure it all out for you. That’s because they use these devices in their own lives, knowing them like the backs of their hands.

They’re Fiscal Conservatives

This generation of millennials is a bunch of fiscal conservatives, as studies show. Unlike young people of past generations who didn’t learn the value of saving a dollar and being on top of their finances until they hit middle age, today’s millennials are savers! Blame it on the Great Recession of the 2008-2009 year, or just blame it on the bleak job prospects that some face in this economy of stagnant wages.

Because of this adversity, millennials understand how to do bookkeeping. Hire them to manage employees who will protect your business’ bottom line and budget obligations.

They Like Working on a Team

Sometimes, it can be hard for employers to find people to hire who actually value the benefit of teamwork. Not so with millennials. Unlike some of the previous generations, millennials put a higher emphasis and premium on social collaboration. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re more sociable than other generations.

It just means that they value social collaboration in the workplace, which means that they want to be a part of a team when they join a company. This attitude of them wanting to cooperate with others makes them naturals for teamwork.

They Are Really Enthusiastic About Their Jobs

This sort of ties into the trait about millennials being fiscal conservatives. A study by EY (Ernst & Young) revealed that millennials are more enthusiastic than Generation Xers and Baby Boomers about the jobs they have. Maybe it has to do with the poorer job prospects for millennials, but when good-paying jobs aren’t all that readily available, you tend to be grateful and happy with being employed in the first place.

This goes to show that millennials have a positive attitude about their careers. Managers and companies can use this statistic to tap into their underlying enthusiasm to get better performance from them on the job.

They Are Flexible

Wouldn’t you like employees who are flexible? Employees who can adapt to change whenever it rears its inconvenient head? A survey reported by MarketWatch indicates that millennials outperform both Generation Xers and Baby Boomers when it comes to being open to change.

This ability to adapt to whatever’s on the horizon makes them valuable employees since business often demands being able to react quickly and decisively to situations. Employees who are flexible also turn in better results since they’re not attached to a one-dimensional way of doing things. Call them more open-minded, if you wish!

Millennials: Not so Bad After All!

So we all know that millennials have gotten a bad rap from what you hear in the media. That’s unfortunate since various studies and reports prove the exact opposite of this notorious reputation. That just means that you can’t believe everything you hear about one demographic.

Any business looking for tech-savvy, fiscally conservative and enthusiastic employees can’t really go wrong with millennials. Yes, they’re not all like this or even perfect, but a good number of them have likeable traits and qualities that can help any company searching for reliable employees who can turn in good performance.

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