Third-Party Testimonials Are Powerful

Learn how to generate third-party endorsements to increase your sales.

You don’t realize it yet, but just by reading this article you’re going to learn how to increase your response rates which in turn will assist you in making more sales.

How? Listen closely: Third Party Endorsements Are Powerful.

Now if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, how powerful can third party endorsements really be to one’s business? Well, listen to this…

Third party endorsements are so effective that in many cases, they will actually increase your sales figures more than a sales letter, advertisement or website ever could.

So allow me to clarify my statement. It is without exaggeration to say that you need to be DIFFERENT. You must have that unique marketing advantage that will overwhelmingly distinguish you from your competition. Do you know what that is?

For example, look for something that is lacking from the majority of similar types of businesses. How can you stand out, be unique, customize your services and offer the best possible solution to your customer’s needs? With this you can WOW your customers – then ask them for shameless endorsements, testimonials and referrals.

Yes, it works – you just have to ASK!

Your best customers are already there to support you – so allow them to help and support you even more with Third Party Endorsements.

A third party endorsement is a statement or recommendation about your products and/or services from your customers and business associates. Third party endorsements work especially well when the person who is considered a specialist or an authority on your area of expertise passes on that endorsement to you.

For example: When writing my book, Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters, not only did I want to find the top marketing experts – I wanted to get BIG name endorsements. By asking my friends and associates to help me track them down and get my foot in the door – I achieved results. Just by ASKING! The book received shamelessly supportive testimonials from famous people such as Jay Conrad Levinson (author of Guerilla Marketing), Joe Girard (World’s Greatest Salesman), Mark Victor Hansen (author/creator of Chicken Soup For The Soul) and Stuart Anderson (Founder of Stuart Anderson Restaurants) and the list goes on and on.

Rule #1.
You can never get too many Third Party Endorsements!

Television and radio ads have been doing this for years. And have they been successful! When was the last time you gave a recommendation (good or bad) about a movie, restaurant, or any type of product or service you recently bought? See my point?

Third party endorsements and honest testimonials will definitely take your business farther than you have ever dreamed!

Debbie Allen is an international professional speaker, business consultant and author of Confessions of Shameless series of books. As a marketing and retail business expert, Debbie has presented to thousands from around the world. For more information or to sign up for Debbie’s free newsletter, visit her web site at at

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