Top 5 Android Time Tracking Apps For Maximizing Productivity

By Steve Jones

Time, they say, waits for no man. It’s the one currency that, although abundant, can still seem insufficient. Whether due to poor time management skills, or a lack of awareness, everyone has had the experience of spending much time accomplishing little. What if there’s a secret to complete control over how much time you spend on a project or a task, and knowing when you are at peak performance?

There is. With the best time tracking apps, you can take control of your time, stay consistently focused, and keep track of deadlines for your time-sensitive projects. So what are some of the best time tracking apps that can maximize your productivity and make your life easier? They include:

  • Harvest
  • Hubstaff
  • ClickTime
  • Clockodo
  • Tick


Gone are the days when time tracking apps were limited to telling time and setting alarms. If you’re looking for one of the best apps that is comprehensive, highly adaptable to your preferences, and multi-purposed to include budgeting, project management, creating and sending invoices, and making financial transactions, then the Harvest time tracking app is your best choice.

Even more impressive is that this mobile application is integrated with over 60 different working tools suited for all types of jobs, whether remote android developer jobs or freelance jobs.


Another time tracking app that’s well-suited to keeping track of productivity in the workplace is Hubstaff. The features and tools of this app allow both employees and team leaders to enhance and monitor their progress, meet deadlines, log working hours, and set deadlines.

What is even more impressive is that it caters to the management of remote project manager jobs or field jobs like construction. Thanks to Hubstaff’s GPS tracking and Geofencing, employers and team leaders can keep track of who worked and how much work has been done in a day, all from a remote location. And all you have to spend is $7 per month.


Why spend precious time tallying work hours or planning and establishing budgets when it can be automated from the get-go by QuickTime, saving you the headache? As you’d expect from a time tracking app, ClickTime is a time log calculator that’s useful for budgeting time, as well as setting and tracking deadlines. It also allows you to import and feed data from other time management apps.


Are you a team leader or manager and looking for a way to track employee work hours, overtime, and holidays all in one place? Then Clockodo is your answer. It’s a multilingual app that allows you to track time in groupings by project type, deadlines, or job positions. Its intuitive interface offers seamless and easy-to-use features that take very little time to learn.


Simplicity is the key to the Tick time-tracking mobile application. It provides streamlined time management resources, which are ideal for composing reports and handling repetitive project tasks. It’s also an excellent alternative for budget tracking, since it auto-updates all variables and data related to a project as soon as you input new information.

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