Best Free Apps for Self-Employed Freelancers

Being a self-employed individual means that you have to keep track of all your daily financial records for business and tax purposes.

Money is the backbone of your business – no matter if you are a freelancer, solopreneur or a consultant.

As such, being able to track both your incoming sales and outgoing expenses is vital to the health and longevity of your business.

Smartphones and tablets are an invaluable resource to manage your business effectively on your mobile phone. Using the best apps makes keeping track of your daily financial records much easier.

For instance, smart devices allow you to access a host of mobile apps that allow you to access your files from any internet connected device. You can even contact your clients from wherever you are – even the beach!

To lessen the burden of running your business, consider using some of the available technologies and apps. Below is a list of the best apps for self-employed people.

Best Free Apps for Self Employed and Freelancers

QuickBooks Self-Employed App

This recommended app is specially designed to help self-employed individuals that have several income sources from different clients invoice, manage and get paid via the mobile app. Read my Quickbooks app review

This is because such individuals have tax returns that are a bit complicated because of the many income sources and different type of business expenditures.

The QuickBooks Self-Employed app provides an easy way to charge customers credit cards with the Intuit Gopayment, file all your business receipts, and export all your tax deduction conveniently from your mobile phone.  Startups, small businesses, and solopreneurs can also take payments offline with this mobile credit card reader.

The app is available in both Android devices and iPhones version, and you can also have the Quickbooks Self Employed Online software at an affordable monthly fee. Learn more at the Quickbooks Online reviews

Image to Word Converter

Imagine you have an image of a document you would like to edit. Normally, you would open MS Word, retype the text from the image and then edit it and save like that. What would you say if we told you that there is a better, faster way to accomplish that?

With Image to Word Converter, you can take a picture of your invoice, contract or report and the app will do its magic and convert it to editable MS Word document. It is as simple as that. You can also upload images from your phone, Gmail attachments or supported cloud services (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and more).

The app is developed by Cometdocs, an online document management service, and it is available both on iOS and Android. You should definitely check it out in case you deal with a lot of documents in a paper form.

Genius Scan App

Whether it is an important letter or a tax receipt, losing it can be a nightmare in the life of an entrepreneur.

Keeping an important business transaction document safe is essential because it allows you to keep track of your transactions and the overall growth of your business.

The Genius Scan app allows you to scan these documents into your mobile phone or tablet so that they can be stored in a safe online database in pdf format – for easy online sharing and printing. Download versions available for both Android or Apple iOS.

With it, you will have a digital copy of the document in addition to the physical copy of the same. Or you can throw away the paper copy and only retain the digital copy because you can always print a hard copy if it is needed. Plus the app maker includes a cloud storage account amount with the purchase of app and you can easily upgrade for more space.


Keeping track of your daily expenses can be tedious, especially when your freelancing involves lots of traveling.

This app – MoneyPenny– will help you to keep track of all your daily expenses. With it, you, as a consultant, will be able to track which client you worked for, expenses you can claim on your taxes or bill the client, and any other information that you might want to keep. For the self-employed, your time is your valuable inventory so managing it right is crucial to your bottom line profits.

If it is not enough, you can combine it with Brookson to make requesting payments easy. I like that this app can be upgraded to the Connect full money management system which includes features such as email invoices, job estimates, expense and time tracking, and project management.

Download versions available for both Android or Apple iOS.

Turbotax Mobile App

The Turbotax app is very convenient, and fast when it comes to filing simple tax returns. Most people can file their business tax returns in less than fifteen minutes!

The app allows you to take pictures of your tax forms and then upload them directly into the mobile tax app.

The app is great not only for self-employed persons but also for freelancers. It also allows you to access tax professionals in case you have queries related to your tax filing.

The app is free for both Android and iPhone, however, there is a small fee to file your taxes electronically with the app for federal and state tax returns starting at $39.99

HelloSign App

With the highly advancing business world, business transactions are progressively becoming paperless each day. Besides the influx of paperless transactions, it is also added work to constantly print out, sign, and then scan all your important business documents.

HelloSign app allows you to sign all your paperwork electronically without stress. Moreover, it enables you to add watermarks to your signature so that you can just add it to the next business transaction automatically.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting App

This FreshBooks app can be used in a wide range of ways. It will allow you to create client invoices, take pictures of your receipts, keep track of payments, and handle client information in a simple manner.

Moreover, it can print your monthly reports and review your financial expenditures, incomes, and other processes that are important to your business. The app also allows you to synchronize it with other popular apps and tools like PayPal, MileIQ, and Stripe. It can be used by all Android and iPhone users with a FreshBooks account.

Money Dashboard Mobile App

Often self-employed and freelancers frequently transfer their money between personal bank accounts and business accounts to keep tabs on their financial progress.

The Money Dashboard can offer a great way of keeping an eye on all your business and personal bank accounts while reviewing your overall financial state.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping App

Formerly known as Outright, this bookkeeping mobile app is ideal for most self-employed persons, small business entrepreneurs, and freelancers alike.

Because it organizes all your financial records into one central place and links up any of your accounts from credit cards, PayPal, Amazon, bank accounts, and eBay among others. It also keeps track of your profits, expenses, and clients with charts and graphs.

The app keeps you up to date on your profit and loss information, routinely computes your quarterly tax returns and auto-fills your Schedule C tax form. With this mobile app, you will be able to work on important business undertakings like building client relationships while developing your business because your financial operations are well organized with this app.

The best reasons for using mobile apps when you are self-employed is to simplify your small business management, lessen the tax filing process, and enjoy full control of your financial income and expenditures.

Most importantly, these apps will help you organize your business finances better and allow you to concentrate on developing your small business into a more profitable venture.

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