What Online Jobs Are In-Demand During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been faced with many difficulties alongside the public health emergency. The threat to health is undeniable, but the economy also suffered significantly during this time, whether it’s in how businesses had to close down and limit staff and operating capacity, or in how schools were forced to close and shift to online education.

It’s difficult to think that many people have either had their hours reduced or were laid off. Nobody could have predicted that online jobs would be more than just a convenient way to earn. These types of jobs are now an essential part of the new normal. If you’re new to the freelancing industry, these are some of the online jobs that are in-demand during the pandemic.

Program and Website Developers

Due to the increased dependence on the internet, along with businesses shifting to online operations, many businesses need to create a credible online presence in a rather short span of time. Web developers and program developers are crucial in ensuring that the necessary measures are in place. This is especially important because of the strong need for a digital effort.

Digital Marketing Experts

It’s not enough to have a functional website. Startups and small businesses need to be able to promote their brand to their target audience. Digital marketing experts, like this SEO Freelancer, work with SEO, SEM, media management, and ads management. Due to the prevalence of startups and businesses adopting eCommerce frameworks, there is a strong need for these experts.

Content Creators

With the increased need to create an online presence, the demand for content creators also increases. Blog writers, scriptwriters, video editors, and many other content creators are in demand. Another important factor is that content creators are among the few professionals that are unlikely to be affected by the advent of artificial intelligence.

Customer Service Representatives and Technical Support Representatives

As more people engage in digital transactions, there are bound to be a few trouble spots along the way. This is especially true considering how businesses were forced to shift to an eCommerce model so abruptly. Many businesses need to be able to reach out to their customers to help them with product and process-related problems they’ve encountered.

The difference between customer service and tech support representatives is that the former help solve issues with a customer’s experience, whether it’s in the ordering, purchasing, or shipping process. Technical support staff are tasked with assisting customers with product-related problems. Remember that if there’s anything more valuable than a paying customer, it’s a loyal customer.

The new situation yields new demands. While it’s true that industries across the board have taken a major hit because of the pandemic, there are efforts being made to adapt to the new normal. These demands create new opportunities that only those who can adapt will benefit from it. Nobody knows how much longer we need to endure the pandemic, but we do know that the demand for these jobs are likely to stay high, even after the pandemic passes.

Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.

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